Game 2 Winter: Come now the Russian Hunger Games?

Game 2 Winter called a new Russian reality TV format that is causing a stir in the Western media for some time. In the show, 30 volunteers go for nine months in the Siberian wilderness. The goal: survival. Here are all means be allowed &# 8211; Murder and rape are reportedly even welcomes the creators. What's behind it?

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One would think that one has seen it all in reality TV: washed up celebrities that decrease in the jungle before the camera, lonely farmers who are looking for a life partner and Nesthocker who finally want to leave the hotel Mama. What is yet to come? A new reality show from Russia now promises the revolution in the aging TV format: In the show Game 2 Winter will fight 30 candidates on camera for survival &# 8211; by all means and also to one another. The announcement caused a Riesenaufregung in the media, the comparison with the Hunger Games films was close. But is this really all that well?

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Game 2 Winter: candidates fighting in Russia to millions use

The Siberian Times reported in late 2016 about the new show. Thus, in the show are 30 volunteers who can apply 2 Winter previously online on the website of Game, suspended for nine months in the Siberian taiga. First, a short basic training is on the agenda in which the candidates are prepared by Russian Spetsnaz elite units of the coming hardships. After that, they are on their own and must themselves provide food, cope with extreme temperatures and face the danger of bears and wolves. Up to 100 kilograms equipment are allowed, including weapons &# 8211; but only knife. Upon request, candidates can either fend for themselves or together to form teams.

Russian Taiga

Unlike conventional reality shows there will be no camera crew in Game 2 winter to film the hardships of the participants. Instead, throughout the  &# 8220; Game Zone&# 8221; &# 8211; a 900-hectare site &# 8211; 2000 cameras installed, similar to that time in the Big Brother house only in the wild. In addition, each candidate will receive a rechargeable camera for live recordings. is transmitted around the clock via live stream on the Internet, the show is to start on 1 July 2017 and last until April 2018th Who is left to the end, to a prize of 100 million rubles &# 8211; around 1.5 million euros &# 8211; received as profit. If there are several survivors of the prize will be split accordingly.

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Murder, manslaughter and rape in the online stream?

This all sounds a bit tricky &# 8211; really sensational, it was only but declared as different media Siberia to the legal vacuum and claimed that in the show, without exception, everything is permitted and no rules would apply. The occasion was warning the organizers that they could not accept any liability for any damages or deaths. Added to this was to point out that one can be transported away by a rescue helicopter from the area in case of emergency. Until the einträfe, but there was no guarantee. Various Web pages made of it then the sensational news that the show also murder and rape were allowed and even encouraged.

This is not true, however: In the show, it can probably quite a dangerous situation. are that murder and rape on the agenda but was &Nonsense; # 8220&# 8221 ;, as the inventor Yevgeny Pjatkowski to the newspaper world. In the story about the alleged &# 8220; Hunger Games&# 8221; in Russia can be observed very well emerge as fake news and spread again. First behauptetet the Siberian Times that violence, murder and rape were allowed &# 8211; This quote was taken unchecked by Western media and reproduced.

&# 8220; Not one journalist called me and even asked if that's true&# 8221 ;, so Jewgeni Pjatkowski. Also wrong is the information that all applicants would have to pay 150,000 euros in order to participate. This possibility exists, but only open for two candidates &# 8211; all other 28 candidates would have to go through the Internet voting and collect there voices to feed.   

Game 2 Winter StreamClaims to the show is financed to 90%.

 Game 2 is winter just a fake?

Nevertheless, it is at Game 2 Winter is not a fake. The site with the countdown to the start actually exists, although yet to be seen at the moment is whether the project really goes on air. However, so far over 400 candidates have come forward, including Americans. On the official YouTube channel of Game 2 Winter you can watch some of the application videos, and there are also a separate group on Facebook.

Behind the project is the Russian millionaire Yevgeny Pjatkowski from Novosibirsk &# 8211; this is still looking at the moment but for investors for the reality show. Overall, should the spectacle about a billion rubles, or about 15 million euros, cost &# 8211; until now this amount has not yet come together. According Pjatkowski you have &# 8220; already found some investors&# 8221 ;, but currently lacks a fifth of the total. The final decision on the start of Game 2 Winter is presumably only fall in the coming weeks. 

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