WhatsFun: News bomber for Whatsapp

There used SMS Bomber. With this fun tool hundreds of SMS could be sent within a few minutes to a number and put the phone receiver from lame. About sense and nonsense of these actions can be argued, of course, but it's more about the &# 8220; feasible&Effect; #. 8221 

599243WhatsApp TV SpotNow there WhatsFun Box Dynamics as WhatsApp bomber in the Android market. How the thing looks, whether it satisfies his service and what the app did everything can, I will now test for you. The app is free in the Market and is financed by an advertising bar. As a welcome you get 4 tiles with heavily discernible benefit. A bomb, a T, 4 smileys and a hand.

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WhatsFun Android app start screenThe bomb is the WhatsApp bombardment and sends a desired Smiley up to 100 times. With the button &Repetitions; # 8220&# 8221; can be specified the number. The &# 8220; t&# 8221; stands for text and sends an optional Smiley plus own text to Whatsapp battlefield.
The smiles on the start screen represent a master list of smileys plus text. Here, different messages can be sent to friends, family and relatives. Of course, here the number of transmissions can be up to 100 Promoted.

The hand is just an extension of the templates to a text. In our example, I simply GIGA \\ Android entered in the Custom field.

WhatsFun Android App 6

In the next gallery see but is already the problems with the app. watch the news not uniform and dislocate consistently, here is pent-up demand. To annoy a colleague or friend, the app works quite well. Limited to just more than 100 shipments WhatsFun can hardly be used for mischief. For Valentine's Day I have my friend also sent the same times 100 hearts, Super! Of course you can also send love poems and beautiful sayings.

WhatsFun Android App 4


Who even wants to annoy a friend or his want for Valentine's Day Send liked quite a lot of heart, can use the app certainly good. An asset it is not though.

  • (Figure 1.10) WhatsFun Android App 6:WhatsFun Android App 6
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The app could not be found in the App Store.

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