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Fox brings a new TV series on German screens: The Exorcist sees itself less as a remake of the still creepy film, but more than a loose adaptation of the then very controversial novel by William Peter Blatty of 1971. We show you the trailer and tell you where you can see the series in Germany.

Trailer of The Exorcist &# 8211; The series of Fox:

1695Comic Con Trailer The Exorcist

New dimensions of the horror classic by William Friedkin (The French Connection) could spread in 1973 among moviegoers and even over 40 years later, the film has not lost its disturbing effect. The series has, however, now perhaps a little harder to amaze the audience and to put in fear and terror, because especially in the horror section of the average consumer nowadays is used a lot. The trailer can not be added refer not much of the atmosphere of the series &# 8211; it is creepy, you could think and also the basic plot is well known to yes.

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The Exorcist seen in Germany &# 8211; When & where will that work?

Fox has announced several new series for the winter season, next Son of Wrath and The Exorcist and the Scream Queens will launch in the US in September.

  • Fox has announced an early date for the Germany premiere of the latter two &# 8211; This will take place on the known VOD platforms.
  • Under discussion are far Amazon, Google Play, max cathedrals, iTunes and Videoload, maybe Netflix jumps up.
  • So far, unfortunately, neither the exact launch date is known yet whether the series contain or at one of the vendors in a subscription can be seen only on a call.
  • Since Fox but has nevertheless already expressed about the plans, we think that we can add to the lack of information about this product shortly and the negotiations may run straight.

the exorcist is coming to Germany

As the series will launch in the US on September 23, we assume that Fox also soon to confess, The Exorcist einzustampfen again or to renew for a second season. The latest in the course of which seems to be well known when and on what online platforms, the series will be released in Germany. Whether they then also enters the German Free TV, white currently no one.

The Exorcist series: That `s

At family Rance something is entirely wrong. Father Henry (Alan Ruck) is always strange, daughter Katherine (Brianne Howey) withdraws more and her little sister Casey (Hannah Kasulka) hears eerie voices in the walls of houses. Mother Angela (Geena Davis) can actually share this supernatural experience and is confident that haunts a demon in the house. What is more obvious than the competent young priest, Thomas Ortega (Alfonso Herrera), seek and ask for help in this matter. This was skeptical at first, but then you have to realize that in the thing that seems to be it. So he throws himself into the battle against the demons, for which he may call in even his well-trained colleagues Marcus Brennan (Ben Daniels). As in the film evil creeping out of the idyll, where it has always been willing located&# 8230;

then the Daily Express gave the film The Exorcist subtitle &# 8220; terror film of the century&# 8221; &# 8211; you will see if the series after more than 40 years, a similar ceremony will be given. Series creator Jeremy Slater (Fantastic Four) and directed by Rupert Wyatt has taken over.

the exorcist foxvia Fox

The Exorcist: &# 8220; For me, this book is a PR job for the immortality of the soul&# 8221;

The author William Peter Blatty provided the model for the famous film and the new series 2016. Blatty was raised in Brooklyn by the Jesuits, studied English literature and wrote at that time a study of devil possession. In 1970, he remembered those effusions and offered his outline a major New York publishing house &# 8211; under the condition of a guaranteed sum of half a million dollars. He received and, additionally, the Hollywood film contract, which guaranteed him 25% of the total business.

By the Church of the trivial novel learned amazingly strong encouragement &# 8211; now it belonged to the recommended reading for Catholic high schools and discussed approvingly in church magazines. On the other hand, there have also been complaints because, as some church officials found: The devil is the winner in the film.

shutterstock_75509542Picture: Jeff Thrower

Even today include exorcisms the way to the Catholic daily, many current cases are known in Poland, but also in Germany and the US are still performed exorcisms &# 8211; partly from relatives. In Frankfurt, a family must answer before the District Court in October because they are said to have tortured a 41-year-old relatives at an exorcism to death. In OKC, USA a mother recently her daughter rammed a crucifix in his neck. Instead get rid of the devil, it is unfortunately suffocated.

Images: Fox & &# 8211; Jeff Thrower