Google Maps does not work: solutions for PC, smartphone and tablet

"Google Maps" is one of the first points of contact when it comes to a free navigation and route planning. As with all online services, it can happen, however, that Google Maps does not work.

Find out here how to solve common problems with Google Maps, and what to do if the navigation does not work.

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Google Maps does not work: solutions to problems on the PC

Google Maps is available both on the PC and Mac as well as the appropriate apps on Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones and iPads are available. Read in this paragraph, what to do if Google Maps does not work on the PC. Then we go to problems with Google Navigation on smartphones and tablets one.

  • In order for Google Maps working properly, it naturally requires an Internet connection. Ensures that the Internet on the PC working properly.
  • Changes the browser. Maybe you use a non-compatible plugin or an outdated browser version, which can no longer work with Google Maps.
  • Ensures that no extension in the browser is active, that could block Google Maps.
  • May depend erroneous data in the browser cache. therefore clears the cache and cookies and calls Google Maps again.
  • In order for Google Maps working properly, DirectX and all hardware drivers up to date should be.
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Google Maps does not work on your phone?

More often it happens that Google Maps does not work on smartphones. Here too, several causes may be responsible for the true rule it out gradually:

  • Ensures that the Google Maps app is up to date.
  • A quick solution often provides a simple reboot Android device or iPhone.
  • Also on the smartphone connected to the Internet should be available. To save bandwidth, maps for offline use can be saved, but you must be online for this operation. Due to the large amounts of data to be stored, it is advisable to use Google Maps for this WLAN.
  • Controls on the settings, the view of all installed apps and selects the entry for Google Maps. Here you delete your app's data and cache. Also, any previously installed updates should be deleted to clean then reinstall them at this point.
  • Often it helps also easy to uninstall the Google Maps app and then re-set again.
  • an app may have been installed, which leads to errors in Google Maps.
  • Checks in the app permissions if Google Maps can access the site and other important information. a lack of authorization may ensures that navigation does not work.
  • Of course, GPS must be enabled on the smartphone, so that the route planning can start.


In very rare cases, it may also happen that the problem lies directly with Google, for. B. because appropriate server maintenance or have failed. On one set up by Google's website you can view the current status of all Google services and account for possible disturbances. Elsewhere we have more tips for you to check if Google is down.



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