The Witcher 3 Walkthrough: Sorcerer job – Devils while wells

Witcher orders are the icing on the cake of every Witcher adventure. In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt you take back hazardous jobs for hunting monsters and draw you against the ugliest creatures of the game world. We show you how you first Witcher order &# 8220; the fountain devil&# 8221; can cope.


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The first village where her halts in The Witcher 3 is the contemplative White garden. In addition to your search for Yennefer you will also find a lot of other people with problems here. Including a family who suffers from the midday appearance Devils while wells&# 8230;

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The Witcher 3 Walkthrough: So you find the Warlock job &# 8220; the fountain devil&# 8221;

As we have already explained to you even in the entry-level advice is worthwhile in every town a look at the bulletin board. Here you will find your first Witcher order. family man Odolan looking for someone who kills the devil at the well. This has contaminated the water, among which is now suffering its ill daughter, drank the water from the well. You can find all Odolan in the west of White Garden in a house. Speak to him and makes you then in south on.

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Search for clues at the well

Your goal is Hüttel. This is a small village consisting of three dilapidated huts in the middle of a fountain. Do you come here during the day at, you must first against the noon appearance fight before it determines that it can not be defeated by mere force of arms. Step into her village, however, at night, you can you alone with your hexer senses look around. For behind the devil is the fountain more than originally believed.

  1. Examines the fountain with your sorcerer senses. Subsequently, the three surrounding houses are marked as destinations.
  2. Make your way into the left house. Here you will find a diary, which have to read it.
  3. The trail leads back to the well from which her a corpse bergt.
  4. In the diary is talk of a bracelet, but the skeleton is missing an arm. Jumps into the fountain and examined under water after the jewelry.
  5. Once you have the bracelet, leave the fountain on the underground water veins.
  6. Returns to the village and burns the skeleton along with the bracelet. Then the battle against the devil begins at the fountain.
Truly not a pretty sight. The Devil by the fountain.Truly not a pretty sight. The Devil by the fountain.

So you have defeated the devil at the fountain

The lunch is a phenomenon spirit, in which you necessarily your characters Yrden have to use. In effect it evokes a magical trap in a radius of a few meters. Only if the devil is in this circle, he materializes and can be combated. Also it is recommended that before the fight ghosts oil for 10% more damage on your weapon to apply and your silver sword in grindstone hone in white garden. Unless you already have you can also bomb moondust use in combat.

Only with the sign Yrden you can make vulnerable the devil for your attacks.Only with the sign Yrden you can make vulnerable the devil for your attacks.

Order completion and reward

After successful hunting monsters you return to Odolan back, is of course extremely grateful. He wants to give you money for your services. Take the crowns or refuses and get this one amethyst, which is extremely valuable as a craft material.

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