Winvnc: What can the tool and how it suddenly comes to your computer?

WinVNC is, like, for example, TightVNC, a free and easy-to-use remote program. The program is offered as a free download, and for many users, it is one of the best freeware tools at all. For others it is a puzzling phenomenon, since they have not even installed the program. We have compiled the most important information about WinVNC for you.

Winvnc: What can the tool and how it suddenly comes to your computer?

What's WinVNC and what you can do with it?

The abbreviation stands for VNC Virtual Network Computing and is in its essence a remote control (remote) display which display their processes on a computer or server, not only on the executing device, but also on the Internet or on other computers or can see. WinVNC runs on all Windows operating systems from Windows 95th

Three good and free VNC client at a glance

So you can with VNC viewers have full control of a remote computer and cause you to broadcast their screen. In company you use that method, for example, so that an administrator settings can make to the computers of employees without having to always be physically on site. The area of ​​computer support, of course, generally benefits from this opportunity.


But for home use and private networks WinVNC can be very useful. The issue is even if the controlled PC itself has no mouse, keyboard or screen.

Where gets her VNC?

There are different software platforms where you can download a VNC program for your operating system you. You should, of course, seek out a trusted provider &# 8211; We recommend at this point to download TightVNC. not deter Wen information in English, can also very comprehensive information at the University of Cambridge on new developments regarding VNC and also download WinVNC free.

WinVNC -002

Of course, the use of VNC subject to legal restrictions, including of several data protection regulations. To protect yourself against foreign intervention, can make the program their specific settings. For example, it is not to be useful, the program run in continuous operation as a server, but to use only restricted their service when you actually use it.

Ultra VNC Download

Espionage with VNC?

Basically is any technical ability in danger of being abused. Of course, the tool can not only benefit the administrator to make adjustments in an operation, potentially, the boss can always check to see what his staff on their computers that way. Parents can watch the surfing habits of their children, partners control each other, nothing is impossible in this regard. Depending on the settings in the program, it may be that the scouted notice anything about it.


If you find at your workstation WinVNC, you can just ask the responsible administrator, for what purposes and what rights the program is used.

If you do have suddenly discovered on your personal computer and does not install it yourself, that's disturbing. In that case you should uninstall the program and trying to determine where it came from, by her example, looking for log files and the IP address of the computer logs on with you better.

VNC Viewer for AndroiddownloadQR codeVNC Viewer for AndroidDeveloper: androidVNC team + antlersoftPrice: Free

More often seem to LAN parties to serve as a place of transmission for WinVNC. Caution is therefore appropriate! The program can run in the background and run with, but you can also select and choose settings in the rule. If the computer is under surveillance of foreign eyes, one notices that too often because the speed of the Internet is significantly reduced. In such cases, you should uninstall the program.   

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