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Conan Exiles offers you many opportunities to develop your character. For this, however, you have levels properly. Higher levels get their important skill points that make your fight for survival. We ask you to check our level guide to Conan Exiles before, so the rise in the land of barbarians progressing on fast track.

Do you want to Conan Exiles leveling as quickly as possible, you have for different methods. With many small and large successes you get experience and gains new ways to improve yourself. Depending on how far you went up to her, will offer you different methods and areas with which you increase your level can. Therefore, we divide our level guide in several stages level at which you can orient you.

30269Conan Exiles: Build in the World of Conan

These are the system requirements to Conan Exiles!

Conan Exiles: Level Guide &# 8211; so you level up quickly

N / A? awakens just in the desert? Then take a look at our tips for barbarian Conan Exiles. Have you made you familiar with the level phase begins! But wait! As a first step you should Select Yog at character creation. Then it's only the beginning and you should you (with the water bottle in his pocket) direction north go and pick up where everything can be found. take particularly Stones and branches with, since you can definitely make use of the first steps in leveling this.

Conan Exiles Level GuideThe journey begins, here we go with the fast levels!

Silk reached her by the river, should you have already earned a few EP and can you from your materials Tools (Spithacke) and weapons (Stein sword) produce. So that you are well equipped to fill your pockets and to protect you against wild animals. Now you have to decide you: On a Solo Server can you build you a dwelling place and continue from there your adventure. on a PvP Server should ye not build a hut, as these provide shelter barely. The next passing by Barbarian will make your sweet home with a few blows to the ground.

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Therefore, you should take a rather according west go here and there for a short time &# 8220; live&# 8221 ;, comes to her in a region in which it striking number gazelles gives&# 8230;

Conan Exiles: levels to Level 15

Are you in &# 8220; Gazelle Country&# 8221; Once, you should already have gathered some supplies and equipment. Now it is time to hunt gazelles. This will get you food and materials for armor. Conan Exiles is still not fully developed, which is why the gazelles stick to the site occasionally or you them in &# 8220; way streets&# 8221; can drive. There you can kill most easily and thus gain more experience points.

Conan Exiles gazelleGazelle help you have to level up to level 15th

It's best to look for one you little hideaway, that you may one there Campfire and a sleeping mat can be placed. With the mat you have a Respawn points and the campfire serves you as Food stores. The good thing about fire is that foreign players it can not loot. À per pos other people: If you have enough of the gazelle, you should one you &# 8220; trove of Yog&# 8221; build. With this you will receive a bone leg and can look forward to Manhunt do. Searches for exiles slaves because they are easy victims. Also read our guide to the slaves in Conan Exiles.

Conan fast leveling ExilesThese slaves are fairly easy victims for your manhunt.

If you NPC defeated and collect their meat, brings you this next experience points even more bonuses. human flesh brings you food and water simultaneously. It also increases your regeneration and gives you experience for fast levels. Gather as many of these stocks as possible and moves on as soon as you feel ready. Your next goal should continue in west lying where her a oasis place at which it will again gazelles. There, you should reach level 15 build and spears before it with iron weapons continues.

Level-up guide stage 30

From the oasis you need to north pull. There you can expand your arsenal of iron weapons, which you should find in your new destination. There is one corrupted region on road. Hold on there, not because you should be still too weak for that. Here you meet the tribe of black hand. From them you can capture better materials, but beware, because they are better organized and armed.

Conan Exiles Level GuideThe Black Hand offers you good loot, but they are dangerous and numerous.

So you can use your captured iron, you should a Blast furnace, a forge and other Crafting stations to build. With all your new materials, you should now be able to improve your equipment and repair. In this area you will find many wildlife, which applies to chase it. Do this, as the animals should not constitute a major threat for a while. Changes that you may have some variety between the NPC and wildlife until her about Level 30 have achieved.

Leveling up to level 40 in Conan Exiles

Now the time has come and you can your career as a nomad hang up. Customize and build a settlement or at least a little nest. but this should well hidden be why its crooked places should search or a place for you on a cliff could secure. Of smaller cliffs you can build you a way down with stairs. This can remove it if you want to go times longer in the wilderness.

Conan Exiles Level GuideLet others for you to work when you embark on their level tour.

Before you are gone for a long time, you should you a few catch slaves and these leave to defend. Then ye need to make the levels not worried about the house and yard. By now you should already be relatively strong and can by beliebe farms and levels. A priority should thereby collecting Sulfur and tar be, that you your steel equipment can construct. now struggling against larger animals and raid the strains, but ensures that the Desert Dogs and Relic Hunter are very strong. However, the possibility of loot worth&# 8230;