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Who wants to do without the regular doctor's visit or will no cuff around the arm wound, might get the idea to look in the Play Store or the Apple App Store for a blood pressure app. In a nutshell, we can clean up the fact that these apps do not work as you can imagine on first hearing.

As actually work: Blood Pressure Apps

How does the blood pressure app

iphone blood knifeBlood pressure is the pressure of blood in a blood vessel, usually the arteries to. On suspicion of high blood pressure, so if the blood pressure instead of 120 to 80 mm Hg (Millimeters of mercury) 140 to 90 View or even higher, advised to pay attention, among other therapies permanently on blood pressure readings.

This can be checked either through regular measurements at the doctor or a blood pressure monitor. but there&# 8217; s it because no app?

As referred to in the various app stores as blood pressure apps replaces the separate measurement using a cuff (sphygmomanometer s.Abb.) Never.

sphygmomanometerSphygmomanometer with stethoscope

Because to place here Apps are either logging the measured blood values ​​or only the software to peripherals must be connected to the smartphone. An app that measures blood pressure, there is no such so.

What measures the app with the flash sensor?

Do you have an app where you just have to put his finger on the flash light sensor of your smartphone, you unfortunately get not spent your blood pressure as a result. Rather, it provides such a app sometimes very accurately to measure your pulse. That was&8217; but see it for now.

For this, the flash sensor of your smartphone camera shines through your fingers and recognizes how much the finger is pressed on the camera. unsuitable for medical purposes, such app but can be good and often used for sports.

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Blood pressure apps that are good what

Although the phenomenon Blood Pressure app so is none at all, there under the name blood pressure apps still some applications that are worth the price (nothing that is) also:

Blood pressure data for iOS

Give here your measured values ​​and followed in the curves for systolic and diastolic pressure, heart rate and pulse pressure your daily, weekly and monthly curves. The diagrams you create can be submitted to the physician as a PDF for evaluation in addition.

Blood pressure datadownloadQR codeBlood pressure dataDeveloper: *Price: Free

Blood Pressure (My Heart) for Android

The Android app My Heart logs the measured values ​​clean, if ye because eingebt. Divided into colored illustrations so you know whenever your blood pressure is normal, prähypertonisch or hypertonic in stages 1 or second Unfortunately My Heart does not differ by age and are so for all ages, whether junior, adult or senior an assessment made.

blood pressuredownloadQR codeblood pressureDeveloper: Klimaszewski SzymonPrice: Free

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