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Vampyr comes from Dontnod Entertainment, which have already proved with Remember Me and Life is Strange her preference for far-reaching decisions in video games. In Vampyr now you take the role of a bloodsucker who can kill virtually every character. But has various consequences that affect the rest of the game.

605[E3 2017] Vampyr - E3 Trailer

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The most important facts about Vampyr:

  • Release date: spring 2018
  • Genre: role playing game
  • platforms: PC / PS4 / Xbox One
  • Scenario: London shortly after the First World War. The vampires are out!
  • features: You are infected and have to survive as a vampire. You can improve your skills, but but innocent people to suffer. Each of your actions has consequences for the game. Only you can save London or lead to the destruction.
  • Developer: Dontnod
  • Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Vampyr: Bloody Moral Dilemma

Vampyr tells his story shortly after the end of World War II. You take the role of a war doctor who was turned into a vampire and now has to deal with his thirst for blood. Here, your disguise as a respected doctor is perfect and you can easily pick out you your sacrifice her. However, you are always vampire hunter on the trail that you can fight it in complex combat system of the action role-playing game.

The event takes place here in London, and you can due to the fact that you're a vampire, draw only at night through the streets. Vampyr makes up a very gloomy impression and joins the epidemic of Spanish flu that killed people in that time thousands

Vampyr: Blood thirst gnawed constantly at you.Vampyr: Blood thirst gnawed constantly at you.

This also has an impact on the selection of your sacrifices. Some are sick and their blood is not as nutritious for you, like that of healthy people. In addition, the consequences come at any sacrifice. So you can draw off the blood as a single father, but the future of his child is then uncertain, which must now survive on their own. Such decisions should appear in the game numerous and individually characterize your game experience.

Vampyr: Release and platforms

Vampyr is still in the early alpha phase and a concrete release date does not yet exist. We go from a publication during the year 2017 out. Then the RPG for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One should appear.

Vampyr: The scene of the battered by the Spanish flu London is.Vampyr: The scene of the battered by the Spanish flu London is.Did you "Vampyr" fallen by Christopher Bahner?Write us in the comments or share the article.We look forward to your opinion - and of course you must like us on Facebook,twitter or Google+.


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