AOSP: The Android Open Source Project

Android is known primarily as an operating system for smartphones and tablets, is found sometimes also on TV set-top boxes and landline phones, there are already Android-powered refrigerators have been spotted. This is possible because Android was conceived as part of the AOSP, short for Android Open Source Project, from the start as open source operating system, so download the source code of each and can be adjusted as required. The source code contains the actual operating system, but also apps like the stock browser, the regular e-mail client and a music player.

AOSP: The Android Open Source Project

The term "Google's operating system" is concerned with the Android in the media sometimes is the, what Android really is not perfectly just. Android was originally developed by the developer company Android Inc. until it was bought in 2005 by Google and integrated. Has since continued the development by the Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of mobile and hardware vendors, chaired by Google. The company based in Mountain View here is primarily responsible for the development of new versions, which hosted after its publication in a git repository, available for free download under the Apache 2.0 license.

Contribution of producers to AOSP

If a manufacturer wants to use Android on its hardware, it can free access to the source code of the basic system and must make only accommodations for its special hardware. These adjustments may, but need not, back to the AOSP forward. The changes of lead developer Jean-Baptiste Queru (JBQ short) found useful and especially not redundant, they are integrated into the source code and made available to other developers.

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Sony, the Xperia S and AOSP

Especially Sony has made a name in this field, since a majority of the internally developed code was returned to AOSP. For this purpose, the Japanese company has been the unprecedented honor that the source code for his smartphone Xperia S together with the proprietary driver (Binary blobs) in the AOSP code to be integrated, which was previously reserved for "Nexus" devices. For the future, this could mean that new stock Android versions are provided not only for the Nexus devices, but always for the Sony Xperia S directly from Google.

Nexus and "Google Experience"

With each major version jump since Android 1.5 "Cupcake" Google released a geared at developing apparatus. HTC was allowed to bring his keyboard slider Dream (also known as T-Mobile G1), the first such device and also the first Android phone ever to market. All to the current Nexus 7 tablet appeared developer devices have in common that their entire system from the AOSP source code can be compiled. Patches and changes are therefore readily available to all Nexus devices.

must be distinguished from the so-called "Google Experience". This rating is given to all those devices that have an official license from Google. Only through this they gain access to the Play Store and other Google apps like Gmail and Google+, which are not open source as opposed to AOSP. In general, it is these devices, which are referred to in the trade as Android smartphones and tablets. Because of its open source status Android but can be changed arbitrarily and adapted. So the less-informed customers are not or only at a second glance shows that even Amazon's Kindle Fire, or not available in Europe smartphone Xiaomi Mi2 use under its surface Android. But the initially mentioned refrigerator can be operated by the manufacturer with Android, by merely expanding the free source code for these drivers.

AOSP as the basis of custom ROMs

But not only official hardware manufacturers have access to AOSP. As anyone can download the source code and modify it forms the basis of many custom ROMs ( "AOSP-based"), such as CyanogenMod. Their developers download the source code and transmitted at best drivers of the manufacturer to compile it with additional adjustments have a working version of Android for many devices &# 8211; even those that are no longer supported by the manufacturer. CyanogenMod even provides its modified and extended code open source in a github-repository available for download.

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