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If, after an accident or serious illness get in the situation not to be able to make important decisions on their own, we need a living will.

In the available one is ahead of, carried out what medical measures in the event of a fall, or should not be done.

A prefabricated pattern for living will can you download at as editable file *Living Will Form Download.

Living Will Form: Free form

In the living will measures be specified that desired in specific disease states listed, or are just not welcome. Since 2009, the living will is legitimized by law and is considered a guideline for doctors and therapists. The here available for download advance directive form comes from the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection. To open the form, Word or a similar text editor is required.

Advance directive form for printing

With an advance of the situation, not being able to decide after an accident which medical measures shall be carried out and which are rejected one escapes. The living will form makes work easier for doctors and also takes the pressure off and unresolved questions of relatives. The free living will form lists all the essential building blocks of text written living will. Internal data and information can be added using a text editor to print the pre-designed living will. Overall, the form is ten pages. It specifies here the extent and condition on specific medical measures. This includes:

  • Life Support
  • Pain and symptom treatment
  • Artificial nutrition and hydration
  • revival
  • artificial respiration
  • dialysis
  • antibiotics
  • blood
  • Organ donation
  • Point of care (hospital, at home, hospice)


The living will is in § 1901a, para. 1, sentence 1 BGB anchored. It says:

"Does a incapacitated legal age specified in writing in case of his inability consent if he consents to certain not imminent at the time when his health examinations, medical treatments or medical interventions or prohibited (living will) "

The order is valid only in written form. Validity obtains advance directive by a signature on the form. Alternatively, the authentication can be carried out by a show of hands of a notary public. To open the patient available Form, after downloading and filling out a free compression program such as WinRAR is required

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