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Facebook and Twitter are among the social media giants of today. Who wants to tell much and would also save time, can post their tweets from Twitter and on Facebook and share posts from Facebook and Twitter. The micro-blogging network has its own option that you can connect Facebook with Twitter.

Facebook Twitter and share posts in both networks

The connection works in both directions, the required settings but a bit hidden. We'll spare you the search and show you how to twitter and facebook links, in order to post tweets and Facebook.

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Connect Twitter Facebook and share tweets on Facebook

After connecting Twitter Facebook tweets and retweets can be automatically posted simultaneously to Twitter and Facebook. Thats how it works:

  1. Log into your Twitter account.
  2. Controls the settings.
  3. Here there is the option "Apps". Under certain circumstances, this option is only in the browser, but not visible or with mobile app.
  4. In the new window now you can select "Connect to Facebook" option.
  5. You are not yet logged in, you have to enter here the access data for your Facebook account.
  6. Now appears the information reads Twitter from your Facebook account.
  7. In addition, you must agree that Twitter can post to Facebook on your behalf. Here you can select which group of users with your tweets are displayed on Facebook.
  8. "OK" to save the setting.
  9. Tweets and Retweets are now output on Facebook. Responds however, are not posted.


To connect a Facebook page with Twitter, we initially linked as just described its profile between the two networks. you can now select the page with which you want to connect via the application settings.

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Facebook connect with Twitter and share Posts

Of course, a shortcut on the opposite approach is possible, will be posted at which Facebook posts to Twitter. Due to the character limit in the micro-blogging service longer posts will be truncated. Want to share even with her Twitter Facebook messages, take the following setting:


  1. Log in with your Facebook profile.
  2. Controls on the link that the Facebook profile can be connected to Twitter.
  3. If necessary, you must login you with your Twitter profile.
  4. After making the link public Facebook updates also on Twitter posted. The Posts can restrict it by z. For example, only photos, links and events are output at Twitter.

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