Uplay for Mac: Client for OS and alternatives

Gone are the times when we have to buy a video game and installed immediately. Now there are various platforms such as Origin, Steam or indeed Uplay. Mostly you will be prompted you download the client and enter the key of the game. Whether the Uplay client also works fine on your Mac, we'll tell you in this guide.

With Uplay Ubisoft has thrown its own distribution platform in 2009 to the market. Since then the company is constantly working to improve client and integrate new features. But apparently they forget the Mac integration. Even today you can the client from Uplay Do not install on your Mac and successfully get to work. There is no software for the Apple operating system. This is why we tell you in this article various alternatives and give you tips on how you can tell if a Ubisoft game runs on your computer.

Happy Birthday, Ubisoft! The company is 30 and the staff congratulate:

10033Ubisoft - Turning 30

Uplay on the Mac: Is that possible?

As already described, there are no good solution, to the Uplay client to install on your OS. Ubisoft is silent, however, when to expect a Mac version. Presumably, the lack of support in mind that the not even implemented much of the Ubisoft games for the Mac become. Do you want to know if your favorite game for Mac appears, you can very simple in the system requirements look in Ubisoft shop.

Register and create an account with Uplay - Here&# 039; s

Shop by Ubisoft You can find more information in the tab system requirements whether that particular game for Mac is developed.Shop by Ubisoft You can find more information in the tab system requirements whether that particular game for Mac is developed.

No Uplay client for Mac: Alternatives

Of course you can install on your Mac and video games. Although Uplay has not been implemented for the OS, you have nevertheless the Chance, to purchase games online and play. The most famous example is probably Steam. The client also works for Mac and Linux. The platform also sells games from Ubisoft, which is why you have to give up any current video game here. With Steam you can also Filter by games support the Mac.

Another alternative is Origin. The platform sells video games from Electronic Arts. The following conditions Origin provides to your Mac:

  • at least 150 MB free space
  • at least OS X 10.7
  • Intel Core 2 Duo Processor or better

Met her these requirements, you can download you Origin and playing EA games. Also GOG represents a good alternative. The GOG Downloader is also designed for Mac. In this platform, you get not only video games but also Films, series and reports on the topic of gaming.


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