NBA 2K17: The Prelude available – Play a game already and keep progress!

2K Games have released that you have a chance from 09 September, NBA 2K17 to play earlier and free! By The Prelude Version (The opening) you can now your player for my career Create mode. What's with the premature Prelude up, we tell you in this guide.

Basketball fans take note: rather than another week on the official release of NBA 2K17 to wait, you have already the chance to own Sneak Preview. Yesterday the companion appeared App My NBA 2K17 for the smart phone, which is an essential constituents of the face-Scans and beyond the chance of Bonus VC for your career provides in NBA 2K17. We have summarized all of you success and trophies for NBA 2K17.


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NBA 2K17 The Prelude (the prelude) &# 8211; All information about the Early Access

2K Games sums it up succinctly &# 8220; NBA 2K17 The Prelude. Get a head start on your carrer, Free!&# 8221;. This one has all the info you want. Some players are the Companion already have worried app and eagerly waiting that you can access the features of the game at last and now can collect already VC (Virtual Credit) for his own career. The Prelude is available for PS4 and Xbox One. Unfortunately, players on the PC have to wait a bit.

the prelude journey

In &# 8220; The prelude&# 8221; you can play through it your player's college career and after that you can expect a little surprise. The The Prelude version of NBA 2K17 offers you the following features:

  • Face Scan: Scan your face with your phone so that your player looks exactly like her.
  • Introducing the new gameplay: Not only that you already your first litters can do on the court, you already receive information and tutorials on new control and can check the revised launch system.
  • Plays the story of NBA 2K17: After first videos and impressions the story this year promises something more to offer than&# 8230; well, Spike Lee.
  • 2K TV: You can watch the latest episodes of 2K TV with both the app and in the loading screens.
  • Highlights Sent: You can under your best highlight Plays # 2KTVWOW send it in and be part of the first shipment of 2K TV.


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