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If you want to prove German citizenship, contrary to the usual assumption is not sufficient for the normal identity card or passport. Rather, you have to apply for a so-called "certificate of citizenship" for this. In our guide you learn how it works, what you need for this and what you need this card.

The legal basis for this document, § 30 Nationality Act ( "Act). The note on the German nationality in the passport or identity card is no conclusive evidence on the existence of German nationality, but only a presumption on their possession. Here, the certificate of nationality comes into sSpiel.

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What is needed is a binding confirmation of the nationality if appropriate legal consequences attaching to citizenship. Examples for this are:

  • Appointed officials in some states
  • Adopting a child from abroad that the German nationality is to receive
  • marriage
  • Naturalization of foreign spouses
  • Dual citizens and holder of a foreign passport, asking for dismissal of a second nationality

As part of the exhibition of the national identity card is checked by the authority if the person requesting or his ancestors were "treated as German" since 1938th may apply to the evidence in the national authority for. B. the registry office, local authority or the foreign county government authority. Find there is usually also the required application forms. Abroad, the application to the competent German mission abroad must be submitted where it is then forwarded to the Federal Office of Administration in Cologne.


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apply for citizenship certificate: Documentation needed

The application for a national ID card can be informal in the national authority. For offering evidence supporting the disclosure of German citizenship by the parents are needed. The following documents may include:

  • Valid identity card or passport
  • Certified copy of the birth register
  • pedigrees
  • naturalization papers
  • Marriage certificate of parents
  • Pedigree of the family
  • List of the locations from birth to present

The authority is reconsidering the issue of the nationality of ticket, that the applicant or his ancestors are listed as German nationals since 1 January 1950th Depending on the circumstances, the review of the lineage relationships may take several months.

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Fees apply for the application of evidence. are usually the cost at € 25. Although, the citizenship certificate by the German nationality, but these are to their identity as is the case with a passport or identity card. the document therefore particularly for travel may not be available as a substitute.

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