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Those who wanted to use animated GIF images on Facebook, could do this for a long time only a temporary solution. A few months ago, Facebook had some understanding with friends of moving images and enabled the use of GIFs in the status bar. Immediately GIFs can now also be posted as a comment on Facebook.

Currently, all Facebook users can not use the animations, the update is only gradually being rolled out.

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Facebook: GIF Post - Here's how

For a long time renounced the Facebook creators mainly on GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) in order not to let the news feed to act chaotic. First moving pictures in the Facebook news there was in late 2013 with the introduction of auto-play videos. Do you want to post a GIF, it is enough if you copy the URL of each image in the status bar or in the comment box. Click this image in the browser with the right mouse button and copy the address you for the animation. Adds this then into a status bar. The GIF image automatically appears in a moving form in the Facebook feed.



In order to post a GIF as a comment, click first on answers and then right selects the "GIF" button from. About the search you can select an appropriate animation.

A source of GIF images can be found in about GIPHY.


The use of GIFs on Facebook also works within the Facebook app. If the animation does not play automatically, the image must be clicked even manually. The GIF feature is currently only available for individuals and not for corporate or fan pages.

Anyone who wants to post not only images but funny words, finds inspiration for us:

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Post GIF images on Facebook, but not upload

An already posted GIF image can be like any other Facebook message also shared or commented on.

With us you learn also how it looks with the post of GIFs in WhatsApp. With an online tool you can quickly and easily create GIF images from YouTube videos. We show you also how to create own animated GIFs. Numerous new and funny GIFs found at any of these 9gag or Tumblr.

If you have comments only the GIF-search can currently be operated. An upload your own animations or posting a GIF URL does not work yet to come up with an animation to a statement by a Facebook user to replies.

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