Screen resolution Primer: What does the abbreviation that?

Anyone who buys a new device with a display, is quickly confronted with the resolution of this screen. But while terms such as &# 8220; Full HD&# 8221; most likely to be familiar, it stops quickly in others. But do not worry: we show you here that term for what screen resolution is.

Screen resolution Primer: What does the abbreviation that?

Whether smartphone, tablet or TV, the manufacturers are courting, not least with the help of high-resolution displays for the favor of customers. In smartphones, we have now arrived at QHD displays, televisions are advertised with 4K resolution.

But what exactly is it about these concepts in themselves and what screen resolutions they are? We bring here a little light into the darkness and explain what exactly mean WUXGA, SVGA, HD and the rest of them.

Screen resolution: What do the abbreviations?

Generally, there are various standard screen resolutions that come in various appliances. arise depending on the ratio of resolution to screen size so then the pixel densities of the respective devices. A Full HD display (1920 x 1080 pixels) has so on a TV with 50-inch diagonal, a pixel density of 44 ppi, on a 5-inch smartphone, the pixel density at the same resolution is then up to 440 ppi. A final role does also the aspect ratio of the device and also what the abbreviation stands is quite quite interesting, which is why we want to list all four pieces of information here.

screen sizesImage: responsive web design on different devices via Shutterstock
abbreviationSurnameresolutionaspect ratio
QQVGAQuarter QVGA160 x 1204:3
Palm loresPalm Low Resolution160 x 1601:1
⅛VGA⅛ VGA240 x 1804:3
ZXSZX Spectrum256 x 1924:3
NDSNintendo DS256 x 1924:3
CGAColor Graphics Adapter320 x 2008:5
QVGAQuarter VGA320 x 2404:3
Palm HiResPalm High Resolution320 x 3201:1
QSVGAQuarter SVGA400 x 3004:3
WQVGAWide QVGA432 x 2409:5
PSPPlaystation Portable480 x 272≈ 16: 9
HVGAHalf VGA480 x 3203:2
EGAEnhanced Graphics Adapter640 x 35064:35
QHDQuarter HD640 x 36016:9
HSVGAHalf VGA600 x 4003:2
HGCHercules Graphics Card720 x 34860:29
MDAMonochrome Display Adapter720 x 35072:35
WVGA, WGAWide VGA720 x 4009:5
VGAVideo Graphics Array640 x 4804:3
WVGA, WGAWide VGA800 x 4805:3
WVGA, WGAWide VGA848 x 480≈ 16: 9
WVGA, WGAWide VGA852 x 480≈ 16: 9
WVGA, WGAWide VGA864 x 4809:5
WVGA, WGAWide VGA858 x 484≈ 16: 9
PAL-DPAL Digital768 x 5764:3
SVGASuper VGA800 x 6004:3
QHD, QHDQuarter HD960 x 54016:9
HXGAHalf megapixel (Apple)832 x 6244:3
WXGAWide XGA1024 x 57616:9
DVGADouble VGA960 x 6403:2
WSVGAWide SVGA1024 x 600≈ 17:10
WSVGAWide SVGA1072 x 600≈ 16: 9
EVGAExtended VGA1024 x 7684:3
XGAExtended Graphics Array1024 x 7684:3
HD720 720pHigh Definition, "HD ready"1280 x 72016:9
DSVGADouble SVGA1200 x 8003:2
WXGAWide XGA (BrightView)1280 x 7685:3
XGAXGA +1152 x 8644:3
WXGAWide XGA1280 x 8008:5
WXGAWide XGA1360 x 768≈ 16: 9
WXGAWide XGA1366 x 768≈ 16: 9
WXGAWide XGA1376 x 768≈ 16: 9
OLPCOne Laptop per Child1200 x 9004:3
SXVGASuper Extended VGA1280 x 9604:3
QVGAQuad VGA1280 x 9604:3
UWXGAUltra Wide XGA1600 x 76825:12
WXGA +WXGA Plus1400 x 90014:9
WXGA +WXGA Plus1440 x 9008:5
SXGASuper XGA1280 x 10245:4
WSXGAWide SXGA1600 x 90016:9
SXGA +SXGA Plus1400 x 10504:3
WSXGAWide SXGA1600 x 102425:16
WSXGA +Wide SXGA +1680 x 10508:5
UXGAultra XGA1600 x 12004:3
HD1080 1080pHigh Definition, "Full HD"1920 x 108016:9
WUXGAWide UXGA1920 x 12008:5
QWXGAQuad WXGA2048 x 115216:9
TXGATesselar XGA1920 x 140048:35
SUXGASuper UXGA2048 x 15364:3
QXGAQuad XGA2048 x 15364:3
WQHDWide QHD2560 x 144016:9
WQXGAWide QXGA2560 x 16008:5
QSXGAQuad SXGA2560 x 20485:4
QHD +Quad High Definition Plus3200 x 180016:9
QSXGA +Quad SXGA +2800 x 21004:3
WQSXGAWide QSXGA3200 x 204825:16
QUXGAQuad UXGA3200 x 24004:3
HSVGAHex SVGA3200 x 24004:3
QHD, 2160pQuad High Definition3840 x 216016:9
QWUXGAQuad WUXGA3840 x 24008:5
WQUXGAWide QUXGA3840 x 24008:5
HXGAHex XGA4096 x 30724:3
WHXGAWide HXGA5120 x 32008:5
HSXGAHex SXGA5120 x 40965:4
WHSXGAWide HSXGA6400 x 409625:16
HUXGAHex UXGA6400 x 48004:3
WHUXGAWide HUXGA7680 x 48008:5


On page 2 you can still find the screen resolutions, as they are handled at Apple.


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