Samsung Galaxy S7: price decline in comparison – it is worth buying?

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is currently as low as never before. Prices have fallen neatly over a year after launch, so that a purchase can currently be worth if you do not want to necessarily have a Galaxy S8. We have looked at the price history of the Galaxy S7 and give you the best current price:

Samsung Galaxy S7: price decline in comparison - it is worth buying?

Fall in prices of the Samsung Galaxy S7

If a new smartphone hits the market, it will lose in the first few weeks often quickly in value. We currently see the Galaxy S8 and it was at that time also the Galaxy S7, which has come to an RRP of 699 euros on the market. Appears a successor, the price of the old model falls again significantly, so you can get the Galaxy S7 currently at an incredible rate, as our price comparison shows:

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Such a good smartphone like the Galaxy S7, which has with the best camera in a smartphone, still offers a very good technical facilities and not too big fails with its 5.1-inch display, we rarely had in the test.

175029Samsung Galaxy S7 in the testThe pixel density is even higher than that of the successor Galaxy S8 and you get a flat display. Not everyone wants to be imposing a dual-edge display - although the "Infinity Display" already is a feast for the eyes. More about the differences between the models see compared Galaxy S7 versus Galaxy S8. The price of the new model is meanwhile even more attractive:

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Samsung Galaxy S7 costs about 400 euros

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is now to have about 400 euros - even with large and established dealers *Samsung Galaxy S7: price decline in comparison - it is worth buying?. The price could fall further, but the future. For about 400 euros, the Galaxy S7 currently one of the most interesting smartphones on the market, as it provides a good complete equipment and can even compete against a loose LG G6.

Alternative to the Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7-edge hand In the current price range, there is no alternative to the Galaxy S7. Who wants to pay a little more for a dual-edge display, of course, could pick up the Galaxy S7 edge. This has fallen already in the price, offers a larger display and a massive battery. Otherwise, the smartphones are quite the same - and the charge has its limits:

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We will of course continue to monitor the price movements in the Samsung Galaxy S7 in mind and refresh the data when a new milestone is reached. Less than 400 euros we were already a few days, which could soon be possible again. Overall, the purchase of the Samsung Galaxy S7 worthwhile but definitely if you are looking for a solid smartphone that almost anything can and not too large fails. Who wants to miss a good offer, following the GIGA deals.

(October 2017)

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