Pokémon sun and moon: bottle caps collect for Super Specialty Training

You seek for a way to boost your Pokémon in Pokémon sun and moon still at level 100, the Super Specialty Training offers. For that needed their bottle caps. We show you in this article where you find them and you can as you improve the DV values ​​of the monster.

It was previously not possible Pimprove okémon level 100 even further. In Pokémon sun and moon you can the status values or rather the increase DV values. This works on the Super Specialty Training, which will be held from sighted Mr. Mr. super special. but you do not pay him in Pokédollar. The special coach takes only Capsules at. Where you find them in Pokémon sun and moon, we tell you in this article.

So you can quickly earn money and experience in Pokémon sun and moon: 

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Pokémon sun and moon: What is the super special training?

in the Shopping center Hauholi City finds its Mr.Super special. you need at least a Pokemon at level 100, he can train. but He does not increase the level, but rather the status values. Pay him Silver or Goldkronkorken, to the training fund for your monster. A Silberkronkorken paid you the improvement of a value, while a golden crown cap increases equal to all values.

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These six values can increase the mall Mr. Super-Special:

  • Power points (KP)
  • defense
  • attack
  • Special Defense
  • Special Attack
  • initiative

Here, Mr. Super Specialty increased but not directly the status values. Rather, they are raised to the maximum DV values ​​that have an impact in the fight. But if you want to breed Pokémon, these values ​​are not awarded.

The Super Specialty Training increases the value of your monster. You can find the trainer in the shopping center of Hauholi City.The Super Specialty Training increases the value of your monster. You can find the trainer in the shopping center of Hauholi City.

What are DV values?

DV values ​​should interest you if you now with the main story through are and Online battles want to deny. DV values ​​are the genes or the personality of your Monster. Actually, it is here fixed values, which are set at the birth of monsters. They determine how to raise your status values ​​for a level-up. Here, the maximum value is always at 31st Suppose the value of one of your monsters is 31. In this case, has your Pokémon the highest status values ​​in the above categories (attack, defense, etc.) and also benefits from the highest rises in Level-ups. So now what makes the super special training? Thats is quite easy. You pay a bottle cap on Mr. super special, so he trains your monsters on Level 100 once. After that, the DV-figures increase to 31 your status values ​​are thus maximized. The chance that your opponent has also maximized state values ​​is very low &# 8211; So you have an advantage!

So you can receive Capsules

In the game there are some localities for bottle caps. Your best place Silberkronkorken; the golden copies are quite rare. Do you have the History already played through and be the Alola league arrived at the top, waiting for until March 2017 a special gift for you. Scans a specific code and get a Magearna at level 50. It carries a Silberkronkorken with him. The code and more information can be found in our text to the legendary Pokémon from Pokémon sun and moon.

This beautiful Pokémon could soon belong to you.This beautiful Pokémon could soon belong to you.

In the following we want you Tips imagine how it still reaches the coveted crown cap. The problem is that you only get one bottle caps per task. Some tips you can grab but also several bottle caps.

  • Make your way to the island Poni and run to fight tree. Obtained her here a Winning streak of 30, get it in the end just a silver bottle caps.

    Silberkronkorken are sought after in Pokémon sun and moon.Silberkronkorken are sought after in Pokémon sun and moon.

  • Before you are but went to fight tree, you must not cross a certain route. Here you will find the Captain Matsurika. She uses fairy Pokémon; so you should use poisons, steel and Fire Pokémon. At the end of the fight you'll receive a Silberkronkorken.
  • Capsules can you even on the fishing rod to surprise. A good fishing spot is the Steelix house, the can be found in the village of Sea People. Here goes out the back door and fished a few items. Here you can even collect golden crown caps &# 8211; but this is very rare.

    Behind the Steelix house you can fish with a little luck, bottle caps.Behind the Steelix house you can fish with a little luck, bottle caps.

  • Looking at the Festival Plaza for a man with a red, eye-catching shirt. He needs 30 pieces of the same color. So, for example, collects purple pieces and trade them in a Silberkronkorken.
  • builds lotteries or haunted houses at the Festival Plaza. After a short time you can pick you up items from here. Also silver or gold bottle caps can be there.

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