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On social networks, on Internet forums and also in personal chat via messenger you will heutzztage bombarded constantly with abbreviations and hashtags that may say a nothing at first. If you read the abbreviation idfwu recently surprised you, what that means, we have the answer for you in this guide.

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What does the abbreviation #idfwu and what it means?

The abbreviation or the Hasthtag #idfwu stands for &# 8220;I don&# 8217; t f* with you&# 8220 ;, which literally translated (and strongly defused) &# 8220; I do not fully draw the sex with you&# 8221; would mean. The literal translation does not fit at this point but agree what is meant by that.

is meant by the phrase that is with a particular person does not output respectively wants nothing to do with this. It is also used when replying or images in social networks and other Internet platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram hashtag as to clarify directly, often that the other party or commentator can not stand.

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The phrase &# 8220; I don&# 8217; t f * with you&# 8221; but could also be used in a broader context. So you can the F-word in English as a synonym for &# 8220; verarschen&# 8221; use. The question &# 8220; Are you f * cking with me?&# 8221; should therefore not be misunderstood, it means namely &# 8220; you Fooled me?&# 8221; or. &# 8220; you take me in his arms?&# 8221 ;. Thus, the abbreviation could idfwu be used as assurance that you someone just now &# 8220; not fooled&# 8221 ;, but that one thinks what is said seriously.

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Where does the abbreviation idfwu?

The abbreviation #idfwu won with the equally titled Song of the US rapper Big Sean popularity. In the song he sings over a Elapsed with which he would have no more to do. In the background of the music video one sees this more frequently idfwu the abbreviation.

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