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There are two reasons why you should perform a hard reset or factory reset the Sony Xperia Z3: One is you turning your Android phone want to sell and want to delete all the data previously, the other is that you have discovered a problem that can be resolved only through the factory reset. So, as you reset your Xperia Z3 to factory condition, learn it in this article.

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In addition to the hard reset, which erases all data and settings, or resetting to factory state, there is usually also the soft reset. This is without prejudice to your files and data, and provides only the default settings of the smartphone restored. The Sony Xperia Z3, however, does not seem to have this feature, at least we could not find.

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Sony Xperia Z3 Factory Reset: Hard Reset

Before you perform a hard reset on your Sony Xperia Z3, you should all data and apps that want to keep their store via backup tools elsewhere. Can you then separate you from your former mobile phone, you can bring the factory settings as follows:

  1. Turns the Xperia Z3 entirely of
  2. then place yourselves after a few seconds into recovery mode by her only power constitutes pressed and when the lighting of the LEDs Volume buttons presses
  3. Navigated using the Volume buttons to wipe data / factory resetwipe data factory reset
  4. then confirmed power
  5. Deletes best equal nor the cache by you choose in Recovery Mode wipe cache partition and wipe cache dalvick
  6. When the process is completed after a few minutes, the Xperia starts with reboot system now new

Alternatively, it is also possible to perform a factory reset of the settings. For this you just goes in, select Save and Reset > to factory settings and erases all data on the Xperia Z3. However, this action is not as clean as on the recovery mode and can file fragments on the phone.