WLAN: authentication problem – so you can fix it

In general, the connection of an Android phone or tablet works with the Internet via Wi-Fi quickly and easily. Is the corresponding WLAN selected, only the corresponding key must be provided until the Internet connection is established. In some cases, it may happen that a WLAN authentication problem is displayed on the screen.

Here you learn what you can do with such problems.

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WLAN: authentication problem with Android smartphone or tablet

WLAN: authentication problem - so you can fix itTo solve the authentication problem can seek all the following:

  • Checks to see if the Wi-Fi password is entered correctly. A controlled manner, the upper and lower case. In addition, the letter "O" with the number "0" is often confused with the input.
  • Also controls whether you have selected the correct encryption on the phone / tablet, so the entry for WPA, WPS etc.
  • Often it helps already to solve the authentication problem by rebooting the router. Take the unit for a short time from the stream and then closes it again.
  • Even a simple restart of the smartphones or tablets can fix the error.
  • Controls the wireless settings to the router. Deletes there first the corresponding Android device from the list of available devices. now try to reconnect.
  • In some cases, the authentication problem is triggered by a MAC filter on the router. In this way, the availability of the wireless network is set to specific devices. Adds your device based on the MAC address to add filter list, or disable the filter on the device.

There are numerous solution aids for WLAN problems on smartphone

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Even a defective router can cause the problem. For a new, more reliable wireless router you do not have to dig deep into their pockets. Below you will find the current best-selling wireless routers:

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WLAN: authentication problem - so you can fix it

WLAN authentication problem? This can be done

If the authentication issue is still not resolved, you have other solutions on the hand. In the wireless configuration of the router you can assign a fixed channel. Changes from the automatic allocation manually to a channel. In this case you should try out the channels. With the free tool inSSIDer can find near you their available channels of wireless networks. If nothing work the way for a full reset of the router settings or resetting the Android device will remain.

We show you also how to make phone calls in the WLAN.

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