Fitness apps at a glance: losing weight and working out with your cell phone

We save at this point the old story of good intentions for the new year and the phrase "I would actually make back times more sport and feed me anyway much healthier." We all know myself why we are here. Because the traditional visit to the gym is not for everyone, we have created you here the best fitness apps for iOS and Android once.

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  • Fitness apps for muscle building
  • Fitness apps made just for running training
  • Fitness apps with a focus on nutrition
  • Fitness apps specifically for women
  • Fitness app for Short-Tailed
  • Fitness programs of celebrities

The world of fitness apps is great. For any purpose, gender and muscle game can now be found its own app. They range from free up to Apss Apps with a monthly or annual fee, fitness apps specifically for weight loss or muscle building. There are fitness apps for food, for running training, for push ups for abdominal muscles for the workout at home workout in just 7 minutes ... the list goes on and on. We have structured this mass of fitness apps, clustered and summarized the most important information about each app. Free and paid apps are not treated separately in this article. This collection does not consider itself completely &# 8211; she puts accents. Gradually, the article is be expanded and refined.

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Fitness apps for muscle building

Gymondo is one of the most versatile fitness apps that are on the market. It offers a wide range of fitness classes that you can attend to her without additional equipment. Videos guide you through the courses and tell you exactly what to do to her like. Among the courses include, for example, Belly, legs and bottom program, power workout, cardio training, muscle building, training for body areas. There are different levels of difficulty and you can you put together your own training plan. Tips for proper nutrition is also available. Gymondo is the carefree all-round package under the fitness apps. but that also costs.

  • the first seven days are free in the Trial.
  • 3 months free 32,99 EUR
  • 6 months 54,99 Euro and
  • 12 months 74,99 €

Here you get the 7-day trial*

GYMONDOdownloadQR codeGYMONDODeveloper: Gymondo *Price: Free

Gymondo - ExercisingdownloadQR codeGymondo - ExercisingDeveloper: Gymondo GmbHPrice: Free

Freeletics distinguished by the fact that you do not need another tool in the exercises. You train with your own body weight. It is ideal for people who want to train at home. The exercises have it however in itself. Freeltics offers you 11 programs for free. For more workouts you need a premium membership. Meanwhile Freeletics has brought a number of additional apps on the market, you must download the separate her &# 8211; so e.g. Freeletics Nutrition, Freeletics Gym or Freeletics Running. Also, this app will cost you something: The Freeletics coach is the training schedule.

  • 3 months cost you 34.99 EUR
  • 6 months and 59.99 euros
  • 12 months 79,90 €

After each end of which the coach extended automatically for the respective period. but the subscription can be terminated at any time without notice.

Freeletics Body WeightdownloadQR codeFreeletics Body WeightDeveloper: Freeletics GmbH *Price: Free Freeletics Body WeightdownloadQR codeFreeletics Body WeightDeveloper: FreeleticsPrice: Free

Fitness apps made just for running training

runtastic is the most famous fitness app in this country. 2015 The Austrian company was taken over by sportswear manufacturer Adidas. Much has changed since then, not yet. Runtastic still offers a variety of different apps that can be used to record various sports and athletic activity. The best known is certainly the running app that running track can be recorded with both a free and a paid premium edition. The advantage of the Premium version of Runtastic:

  • The language coach tells you with each completed kilometer intermediate conditions of when it comes Pace, spilled kilometers and calories burned.
  • Created routes and run from this.
  • Auto-Pause stops the recording when it stops, for example at traffic lights.
  • Challenge: trying to beat your best times and calls you out for yourself.

Besides Runtastic also offers a premium membership. Here you motivated by detailed statistics and health reports. In addition, all training plans and Story Runs are. Especially for experienced runners who want to analyze their runs in detail, a great thing. Who runs only every now and then, comes with the Pro version of loosely. For a year 59.99 euros fall due.

Runtastic running and joggingdownloadQR codeRuntastic running and joggingDeveloper: runtastic *Price: Free Runtastic running, jogging and fitness trackerdownloadQR codeRuntastic running, jogging and fitness trackerDeveloper: RuntasticPrice: Free

adidas Train & runThe Fitness app from Adidas is completely free and can be used not only for this to go through. Nevertheless, the focus of the app is on the run and stand for free a lot of functions to the side. So you will come with training plans that prepare you for different distances. For beginners are stretching over five kilometers, but advanced riders can thus train for a marathon. The connection with various social platforms can not be missing here. In addition, they can be coupled with the FitSmart fitness bracelet by Adidas and is thus among other things, calculate your heart rate and monitor and record your activities throughout the day.

The app was not found in the store.The app was not found in the store.

Nike + Run Club: This app puts its focus on the sport of running and supports you while running, draws routes via GPS and compares your runs with those of your friends. Extra motivation, there are the so-called Nike + -Challenges. Here, too, help training plans to prepare for longer or shorter runs. On iOS you can use the app via the Apple Watch. With an integrated music player you can play your touch of a button, thus once again bring a spark more power in a slow phase previously selected Power Song.

Nike + Run ClubdownloadQR codeNike + Run ClubDeveloper: Nike, Inc *Price: Free Nike + Run ClubdownloadQR codeNike + Run ClubDeveloper: Nike, Inc.Price: Free


Fitness apps with a focus on nutrition

Welded fitness fans you have to actually say no more, but since it is part of the base, it should be mentioned here again: training and nutrition related to each other as engine and fuel. Say: You can train as much as you want, when you eat wrong, then takes the training the wind out of the sails (The best engine in the world gets you without the proper fuel and nothing). For this reason, there are some fitness apps that give tips on proper nutrition in addition to training sessions. Other apps focus on the diet, like this:

MyFitnessPal: According to your size, your body weight and your loss goal (up to one kilogram per week), is calculated ideal number of calories that you have for each day and which you should not exceed her ideally. At the end of each day saves you your food diary and the app gives you a look at the future and tells you how much weight you have probably lost in the next 5 weeks if you eat so how on that day. To record your diet, you have to simply scan only the packaging of your interest or determine the weight of the food. The total calories, as well as the respective ingredients automatically takes over the app. So you also have an overview of how many carbohydrates, fats or sugar you take to you each day. In addition, a small warning pops up when certain foods contain very much sugar or hydrogenated fats. It's becoming very rare that the app does not recognize a food.

Another positive: The app synchronizes its data with the many fitness apps like Runtastic, Runkeeper and others. Thus the calories burned you will be credited when you were very diligent and sometimes sinful can.


MyFitnessPaldownloadQR codeMyFitnessPalDeveloper: *Price: Free
Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPaldownloadQR codeCalorie Counter - MyFitnessPalDeveloper: MyFitnessPal, Inc.Price: Free

Fitness apps specifically for women

Sophie Thiel has no one who is interested in fitness, are presented. Your 3-month program, which comes with a price of 99 euros, not without can acquire it directly through their online platform. Recommended the short program is probably only for people with a training history. All other &# 8211; So those who have never operated a regular fitness and muscle training &# 8211; should pick up the 15-month program. Here you pay for a period of at least 15 months each EUR 14.90 per month. That adds up to at least 224.85 euros. Here is the link to:

Sophia Thiels fitness program*

And there is then the appropriate app to &# 8211; but only for the iPhone:

Sophia Thiel - training, nutrition and motivationdownloadQR codeSophia Thiel - training, nutrition & motivationDeveloper: 7NXT Health GmbH *Price: Free


The magazine Women&# 8217; s Health has also launched a specially designed for women app on the market. It is simply called Women&# 8217; s Health Personal Trainer. The app has over 700 exercises and 150 workouts ready to be well explained in the video. You may also document his training schedule and pick up nutrition tips. Here are the links to:

Women's Health Personal TrainerdownloadQR codeWomen's Health Personal TrainerDeveloper: Rodale Motor-Presse GmbH & Co. KG *Price: Free Women's Health Personal Trainer Workout & amp; trainingdownloadQR codeWomen's Health Personal Trainer Workout & trainingDeveloper: Rodale Motor-PressePrice: Free


Portrait of strong female flexing.

Fitness apps for short-Tailed

Seven7-Minute Workout, seven days a week, for seven months. This is the challenge posed by the 7-minute workout of "Seven" to its users. To do this you need no more than a chair, a wall and yourselves, for the training only works with your own body weight and no additional weights. Here, the procedure is as a game. Launches her app, and thus the Challenge, you have three lives per month. Sets her a day out, you lose a heart - you lose all three hearts in a month, will your progress and you have to reset the Challenge start again. So this may perhaps be funny in the first week, but after four or five months, that would be really annoying and should be enough incentive to go through with it every day.
The exercises switch it between 30 seconds intense exercise and 10 seconds rest back and forth. The app presents itself in a simple design with great illustrations and spoken instructions. Just for fitness beginners a great app to get used to new exercises and regular training. Whom the seven minutes at some point no longer sufficient, which may undergo several training sets per session.

7-17-2Seven - seven minutes TrainingdownloadQR codeSeven - seven minutes TrainingDeveloper: Perigee *Price: Free 7 minute workoutdownloadQR code7 minute workoutDeveloper: Simple Design Ltd.Price: Free

Fitness programs of celebrities

In this section we devote ourselves to the fitness programs of the stars who unfortunately there are only partly as an app.

  • The Boss TransformationThe rappers Kollegah has zusammengestelt a fitness program of the most sublime kind as part of its preparation for the album King. The three-phase training program is named Boss transformation and promises nothing less than a boss-like body that looks like this (without the 300 Memorial Bart &# 8211; for you are responsible):

Losers focus on winning; Winners focus on winning. EMPEROR. (Photo: @_alexpohl_)

A Kollegah (@kollegahderbossofficial) gepostetes photo on Oct. 31, 2016 at 4:01 PM

After your body type has been determined, you will receive an all-round training schedule for a price of 197 euros.

The Boss Transformation*

  • Body Change is the fitness program by Detlef &# 8220; D!&# 8221; Soost. Most likely the program is named untrer I make you sexy known. First step is to calculate the weight that you can lose in 10 weeks. In the period of just 10 weeks, the &8220; 10 Weeks Body Change Program&# 8221; &# 8211; short 10WBC &# 8211; designed. Weekly new online Videso be uploaded where Detlef you to show off the best exercises. but the 10 WBC sees itself as a holistic program with a healthy mix of diet and fitness. The price is manageable with 89 euros for 10 weeks. And here is the link to the program:

I make you sexy!*

  • Get your crassDaniel Aminati it did not miss out to take and also created his own program for which he himself is the best advertisement. Here, too, you get a good mix of diet tips and exercise plan. The 8-week program costs you one-time 79 €. The 14-month package gets her for a monthly price of 9.90 euros. That makes a total of a minimum price of 138.6 euros. Once you have logged in you, there is the program as an app for the iPhone.

Get your crass*

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