The Royals: Season 2 – release date of the broadcast in Germany

In November 2015 Pro7 showed the drama series "The Royals". But how it looks with the TV broadcast of "The Royals" season 2?

20569The Royals: Season 2
Already in 2013, announced the channel E! on to give an oriented Hamlet series with the English royal family at the center in order. In September 2013 Elizabeth Hurley has been committed for the lead role in The Royals. The male lead, played by William Moseley as Prince Liam. In early March 2014, the transmitter then ordered the first season for The Royals, which aired in this 2015 in Germany. Today it is in German Free-TV on with the consequences of the second season of The Royals. Unlike the premiere season the new episodes are, however, no longer shown at ProSieben.

Sixx turn now online!*

16966The Royals Season 1 Trailer

The Royals: Season 2 starts at Sixx

Rather Sixx takes on the feel of the episodes. Los today's evening at 22:25. The German premiere there in August at ProSieben Fun, now can finally learn how to go with Cyrus and Helena free TV viewers.

Even before the TV start of the first season of The Royals were added as part of the &# 8220; TV Critics Association Press Tour 2015&# 8243; announced on 15 January that The Royals a second Season is extended. Launch of the shooting was on 15 June in London. Already have been announced the titles of the new episodes of the second season The Royals. The new season will be composed of ten episodes.

Who does not want to wait until Sixx has shown the new episodes, can already see all episodes of The Royals Season 2 in the stream. Max cathedrals The Royals has in its streaming offering. Using the online video store then did you pursue the opportunity, the story about Queen Helena (Liz Hurley). The first 30 days can you streaming service Maxdome free trial.

test max cathedrals now*

The overview of the episodes of The Royals Season 2:

11It Is Not, nor It Can not Come to Good
12Welcome Is Fashion and Ceremony
13Is Not This Something More Than Fantasy?
14What, Has This Thing appear'd Again Tonight?
15The Spirit That I Have Seen
16Doubt Truth to Be a Liar
17Taint Not Thy Mind, nor Let Thy Soul Contrive Against Thy Mother
18Be All My Sins Remembered
19And Then It Started Like a Guilty Thing
20The Serpent That Did Sting Thy Father's Life


The Royals: Season 2 on TV not at ProSieben, but Sixx

In October ProSieben Fun showed on pay-TV, the Germany premiere of The Royals. In the fall of 2016 Sixx takes place of ProSieben broadcasting the new The Royals sequences.

the-royals-1Just in time for Christmas Eve and the first season of The Royals on DVD * appearedThe Royals: Season 2 - release date of the broadcast in Germany.

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