Doom: No single-player DLC in sight

So far, the fans of the shooter Doom are still waiting in vain for a single-player DLC. And nothing will change too soon.

18627Doom - 20 mins Gameplay (Campaign)The video shows you 20 minutes of gameplay from the shooter Doom.

While the developer id Software also provides the shooter a year after its publication with minor updates and multiplayer content will be available in the foreseeable future, no supplies for the solo player among you. This has now announced at QuakeCon the Game Director Marty Stratton.

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I can currently really not very much to say, but is currently a campaign DLC for Doom not on the program. We know that you're not the only one who feels that way. There are many intern with us who feel the same. We know how important it is and how we want to make you happy fans. Once we have decided on something, can we talk, we will do well.

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Thus, a single-player DLC for Doom for the future seems to be at least not categorically excluded. However, such a download extension will have to wait some time to be &# 8211; if it is all appear at all.


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