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Yodel, Twitter, Facebook and Co. are both source and destination for various witty sayings. Whether Manuel Neuer jokes, funny sayings or WhatsApp status Memes to all imaginable (pop-) cultural phenomena, social media, there is always a point of laugh. For some time sayings making the rounds with "Flirt, I can" be completed.

"Flirting can I": Proverbs for any occasionSource: Credit: Voyagerix

We have compiled some of these jokes for you. The sayings can you use yourself at WhatsApp, Facebook, yodelling and Co.. In the comments, of course, you can present your own best-of funny sayings Flirt.

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"I can flirt" a vibrant, Memes and Pictures

Sayings of this kind always run according to the same scheme: are preceded by a fictional mono or dialogue that could indicate a love affair at first, but then finished with a completely unexpected set or pick-up lines, to &# 8220; well&# 8221; are to be true. Meanwhile, many large Meme pages resort to spells of this kind and work them into funny pictures. A selection of more or less witty "Flirt, I can sayings" can be found here in the comments can post their own suggestions. On Twitter, numerous additional spells find #flirtenkannich under the hashtag.

  • "Hey, my parents are not home this weekend;)" - "Oh, do not worry that will come back."
  • "Did you just ate a Kaktuseis or crackles it just between us?"
  • "Is that a crackle between us or is that the chip bag?"


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"I can flirt" pictures with sayings

As with all jokes and sayings, is considered one should not cross the line, at the same time, however, not every word at face value and take seriously. Do you still have funny sayings Flirt?