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To fend Raider attacks in fallout shelter, it requires a certain preparation. We provide you with our guide optimally to the attacks of looters and explain how you have to proceed with the arming and positioning of your Vault Dweller.


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Raider attacks are among the greatest threats Mobile Game Fallout Shelter. Groups of up armed to the teeth intruders threaten from time to time, the harmony in the vault and want to be stopped by any means. We give you Tips and strategies to prepare for the attacks by the hand.

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Fallout Shelter: ward Raider attacks &# 8211; Preparation is everything

Especially later in the game there may be increased Raider attacks come. Especially when her radio tower have built. Because in addition to new residents can give the Robbers and looters receive your radio frequencies and you beat a path to the vault door. Because they are once there, the Raider raging uncontrollably around and attack indiscriminately every citizen of money that they can find. Pregnant women and children However, hiding for the duration of the attack to safe places, but also do not stand for defense tasks.

Start Photogallery(12 images)Fallout Shelter: The funniest and craziest moments in the bunker Now we have to react quickly. A Raider attack is imminent.Now we have to react quickly. A Raider attack is imminent.

Once you get the message about an impending Raider attack, you have to prepare you a little more time. then returned promptly three residents with the best possible armor and weapons to the vault entrance, so that they can receive the Raider due. You can the Upgrade Vault door also and thus provided with more hit points, provided you have at hand the wherewithal. If not, we tell you how you can earn fallout shelter bottle caps.

Advanced Vault Door500 Capsules
Fortified Vault Door2000 Capsules

Contain raider attacks quickly

If the Raider your broken vault door have they not tried to run apart and sends each resident available with weapon for reinforcement. Are the robbers scattered only once in all the corners, it is in fact to do it all quickly an arduous task. And this is sorely needed, because the period of the attack can you do not worry about the normal activities for Maintenance of energy, water and food supply To take care of. After the attack of the Raider has been contained, to your residents go back to their allocated spaces and take their activities again.

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