Pokémon sun and moon: For Ultra Beasts and defeat

In addition to legendary Pokémon in Pokémon sun and moon there Ultra beasts that will meet you later in the game. They come from the ultra dimension and create you quite a bit. In this article, we show you where you can find the strong monsters and catch.

The mysterious Ultra beasts terrorizing the Alola region in Pokémon sun and moon. Having her Main story played out have, it is then that your job as a newly Star of the top four strong Pokémon fight. Of course you can also the beasts capture and let out into online fights. In this article about Pokémon sun and moon, we show you all Ultra beasts and their Locations and Vulnerabilities to successfully weaken and then catch.

The best Easter Eggs in Pokémon sun and moon:

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Pokémon sun and moon: new Ultra beasts from another dimension

As already described, the Ultra beasts from the ultra dimension come. They are from the Æther Foundation studied and researched. For this reason, two people from this institution you speak to in the first Alola Pokémon League after your victory. The next day, their home should wake up and leave the house. A man is a you &# 8220;strange map&# 8221; hand over. Now run to Route 8 lying on Akala. In a motel you will find Anabel and LeBelle.

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Will you also catch the 7 Ultra beasts, you need special Poké Balls, the you Pia will be. She is sitting in Æther Paradise and explores the Ultra beasts. You gain per Ultra Beast 10 Ultra Balls, why you should not be frugal necessarily. The mysterious name was audited by international police, codenamed why you will encounter etc. on the terms UB-01 UB-02.

The Ultra beasts are mysterious creatures from another dimension. (Source: www.pokemon-sunmoon.com)The Ultra beasts are mysterious creatures from another dimension. (Source: www.pokemon-sunmoon.com)

But before you make yourselves on the search for the Ultra beasts, you will first tested by Anabel. You want to know if you are up to the task &# 8211; of course, with a Struggle. Imagine the following Pokémon in their team one:

AlakazamPsycho61Beetles, mind, Unlicht-
SalamenceDragon Flight61Rock, dragon, fairy, iceground
Mismagiusspirit61Spirit UnlichtNormal, battle ground
WeavileUnlicht, ice61Fire beetles, rock, steel, fairy battlePsycho

Find all Ultra beasts and catch

The following tables show the Locality of the divisions and their Weaknesses. Good luck with your venture!

Ultra Beast UB-01: Anego

After you've picked you the Ultra 10 balls, you have to return to route 8. Here you meet again and Anabel LeBelle. Make your way now to the following places.

Wela volcano Park, Diglett tunnelRock, poison55Bottom, steel, water, Psycho-

Ultra Beast UB-02: Masskito and saddle Belle

Returns after fighting Anego back to the route. 8 After that you have to route 2 and you with Yasu to meet. He gives you 10 new Ultra Balls and required of you to catch an ultra beast. Pokémon has its sun finds its two Masskito; in moon you get the chance, four saddle Belle catch.

Mele Mele-Blumenmeer (Masskito), vegetation cave (Scha Belle)Battle beetles65 (Masskito), 60 (saddle Belle)Flight fire, Psycho, Fee-
MasskitoMasskitoSaddle BelleSaddle Belle

Ultra Beast UB-03: Voltriant

now returns again back to the motel to talk with the two policemen. To move to the next Ultra Beast, you have to at first trainer Matsurika past:

ClavionSteel, Fee61Fire, soilPoison dragon
WigglytuffNormal, Fee61Poison steelspirit
LamelluxPlant Fee61Fire, ice, air, steel, poisonDragon
Granbullfairy61Poison steelspirit
BandelbyBeetle, Fee61Fire, poison, flight, rocks, steelDragon

After the battle, you get 10 Ultra Balls and thus have the chance two Voltriant catch.

Shadow jungle hills of remembranceelectric65ground-

Ultra Beast UB-04: katagami and Kaguron

To catch the next Ultra beasts, you have to go back to Yasu. He tells you that the strong beasts on Ula-Ula are. Pokémon has its sun, get her four katagami; when the moon is two Kaguron.

Katagami: Route 17 and Malihe ornamental gardenPlant, steel60Fire, electrical-
Kaguron: Haina Desert and Malihe ornamental gardenSteel, flight65fire fight-

Ultra Beast UB-05: Schlingking

The last mysterious Pokémon is in the Final cave. Before you get there but to do with Schlingking, you have to fight against Yasu, the in Village of the Sea People to Poni staying. Against the following Pokémon from his team you have to fight:

ZobirisUnlicht, mind63fairyNormal, fight, Psycho
Alola-SnobilikatUnlicht63Battle beetles FeePsycho
RabigatorFloor, Unlicht63Plant, water, ice, fight, Beetle, Feeelectropsychometer
AbsolUnlicht63Battle beetles FeePsycho
HonchkrowUnlicht, flight63Electro, ice, rock, FairyFloor, Psycho

Have survived their battle, the Ultra Beast comes up to you. You gain 10 Ultra balls again and off you go:
Have survived their battle, comes the ultra beast upon you to. You gain 10 Ultra balls again and off you go:

Final caveUnlicht, Dragon70Fairy, ice, fight, beetles, dragon-
pokemon-sun-moon-beasts ultra-schlingkingSchlingking

Have you Schlingking caught waiting in Æther paradise as a reward one million Pokédollar on you.

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