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Again and again we hear the question &# 8220; Where are for now actually my downloads?&# 8221 ;. By default, immediately after the Google Chrome download, the browser takes for the default setting of Windows. A folder named &# 8220; Download&# 8221; as a subfolder of the user account. But instead of constantly looking for, you can easily make use of the Download Manager of Google Chrome and the downloads display.

5173Winload Google Chrome Downloads VideoGoogle Chrome Downloads See screenshotsGoogle Chrome already has everything to show downloads to start or delete them.

Little is known that with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl &# 8211; J is a more or less useful download manager is invoked. In Google Chrome, this function can also be reached via the main menu and the menu item &Downloads; # 8220&# 8221; in the lower third of the window.

See Google Chrome downloads and delete

Displaying the Downloads happens with Google Chrome in this window. Here you can also view graphics or start installation programs through clicks. But the function &# 8220; Remove all&# 8221 ;, which we see the top right of the window as the link is misleading. To ensure that no files are really touched. This command only refers to the ability to delete the download history. This is sometimes indeed desired. Because not have to see any where you have downloaded something.

really can delete one file so only in the download folder. We reach with the link &Open the download folder; # 8220&# 8221 ;. This opens a Windows window that shows all the contents of the download folder opens. We can now do whatever is possible in any normal window. , Move, rename and delete more. Here we also see that the contents of the download window does not necessarily coincide with the contents of the download folder.

Also of interest are two possibilities that can be found below each of the downloads. The function &# 8220; Remove from List&# 8221; lies near. So that individual downloads are from the display of downloads, deleted in Google Chrome but without deleting the actual file in the download folder.

This can be very targeted to the second feature called &# 8220; Show in Folder&# 8221 ;. Clicking on it opens a Windows Explorer window and sets the mark exactly on the selected download file. Now you can manipulate them.

And always remember: If you ask again, where the damned download folder &# 8211; so you can find it quickly!