Pokémon Origins: 3D remake of fire red is available for download

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From now you can relive the adventures of the first Pokémon generation thanks to a fan-modification in 3D.

Also, the latest feature film is again entirely on nostalgia:

6490Long trailer for Pokémon - The Movie: Your turn!

Pokémon LeafGreen and FireRed offered owners of the Gameboy Advanve the opportunity to experience the original Pokémon game again with revised technology new. Modder Felipe Gouvea gives you this experience one more time and let you Pokémon FireRed in Unreal Engine 4 play.

Not only the games have evolved considerably, and the series has changed its look over the years:

Start Photogallery(14 images)As much as the characters in the Pokémon anime have changed

Still, the project is far from finished, but the current version 1.3 can be downloaded. This is also recommended, because Nintendo has a reputation for letting Fan modifications quickly disappear. So strike before it is too late.

Due to the still early stage of the project Mod is far from free of bugs. In addition, the journey continues in the current version only up to the rock arena of Pewter City. The series typical round fights were incidentally exchanged for real-time battles.