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Tired of the earth, the same Internet and every morning the same boring sunrise? In the future, you can then yes simply emigrate to Asgardia - goal of the project is to create the first nation in space. Read here, what is behind it and where you can register for your citizenship in Asgardia you.

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It sounds like a joke or a scenario from a mediocre science fiction film, but has now a reality. Earthlings should be able to leave their home planet behind him in the future to colonize space and to go where &# 8220; yet was not a person in front of them&# 8221 ;. So far, so Star Trek. The planned colony Asgardia is, however, not a science fiction utopia, but a serious project, which was presented today in Paris. anyone can sign up &# 8211; when 100,000 applications come together, you want to apply to the UN for the status as a national state.

here goes&# 039; s for registration*

Asgardia satellite

Asgardia: First Nation in space becomes a reality

Named Asgardia is after the mythical city in the sky and home of the Götter Thor and Odin in Norse mythology. When it comes to the thought leaders behind the project is to Asgardia but as soon as possible to reality. Scientists and legal experts under the leadership of the Russian scientist Igor Nano Ashurbeyli presented the plans today before in Paris. The planned space nation to long term contribute to world peace, open up access to new technologies and represent a first milestone in the colonization of space.

This all sounds very pompous &# 8211; the start of Asgardia but initially run in a slightly smaller scale. When it comes to Ashurbeyli &# 8211; also a member of the International Aerospace Research Center and the Science of Space Committee of UNESCO &# 8211; is to be started as a symbolic external field in Earth orbit 2017-2018 initially a satellite. A futuristic space city with docks for missiles and flights from the earth so it will not initially give.

Sign up for Asgardia &# 8211; online form

Taking it exactly Asgardia remains for now so rather an idea: like the inventors of the project &# 8221; an independent platform, free land-based from the restrictions of national laws&# 8221; create&# 8221; so Ashurbeyli. That means: The planned nation Asgardia created first on paper, in legal documents and in the minds of potential residents. A concrete resettlement into space is not in the near future, therefore. Nevertheless, you can already sign up for a citizenship in Asgardia &# 8211; possible makes it a simple online form where you can register you. The only requirement: You must be over 18 years old and living on Earth.

Asgardia registrationRegistration for Asgardia expires easier than on many terrestrial sites.


By registering, but remains on the earth. Only he was just then at the same time citizens of the state Asgardia &# 8211; This requires of course that the status is recognized as a national state of the United Nations. This requires at least 100,000 candidates &# 8211; Even then, of course, not clear whether the UN actually ratify the proposal, at least there are no precedents and so far still the old space contracts apply from the Angangszeit manned space flight in the 1960s.

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So it goes with Asgardia further

For the future Ashurbeyli and Co. still have many plans in any case. As a genuine nation of course needs its own national anthem and a flag &# 8211; of the latter is being filed by still on your own website. If you feel called you to you can submit your designs through January 20, 2017th But the real goal of Asgardia is a much bigger: At the center &# 8220; the creation of a basis to ensure the protection of the planet Earth and to give access to those space technologies, which have not previously&# 8221 ;, so Ashurbeyli.

On the subject: What does Asgardia for space?

  • So far, the Outer Space Treaty governs the 1967 legislation in space.
  • In this case the country for a company or a company that is active in space, which is always liable strict rules for NASA, SpaceX and Co. are.
  • Asgardia wants to break this status quo &# 8211; the responsibilities for space missions will sooner or later &# 8220; Space State&# 8221; move himself, who thus becomes independent of the earth.
  • How this would work exactly and how Asgardia will fit into the current international relations at the moment is still unclear.

Asgardia Space

Exciting the project is in each case, Christopher Newman, an expert on space law at the University of Sunderland. Asgardia show how much the geopolitical landscape has changed in orbit since the 1960's. One must keep in mind the development of essential &# 8211; ultimately it was up here eventually to a complete re-orientation in the international space. If all this is too abstract: The inventors of Asgardia also have some ideas in his luggage, the more traditional science fiction ideas correspond: Among other things, a gigantic shield is planned of the Earth from cosmic threats, such as to protect asteroids, as well as debris or other man-made hazards.

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