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Will Smith knew how to sing a song about it to make Sergio Leone and Ennio Moricone a whole genre and the gaming industry is aware of the appeal to the fans of the Cowboys and Redskins game. At this point we would like to present to you the best Wild West games with and without cowboys who you do not necessarily have played maybe, but of which you should have at least heard.

should 15 Wild West games that you know absolutely: High Noon

should 15 Wild West games that you know absolutely: High Noon

As always, we do without a ranking, so we shall see not degraded your personal favorites. Instead, we dig deep into the game box and dig one or two presumed dead spaghetti Western game industry and set you on the following pages the best Wild West games ever before.

Red Dead Redemption (Xbox 360, PS3)

red dead redemptionWe start with the obvious, a game that may not have played any but the least of everyone has heard before. Red Dead Redemption is the GTA of the Wild West (yes, finally, developer Rockstar). The spiritual successor to Red Dead Revolver for the PS2 sit as a warhorse John Marston in a hell of sprawling open world in which it rob stagecoaches to track cattle rustlers to strangle rattlesnakes and of course the Colt swinging applies.

To this day, remains one of the best Wild West games, unfortunately, exclusively for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 available.

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GUN (PC, PS2, PSP, Xbox 360)

gunIf one has no home, there is only one place where it can drag you &# 8211; The West. Colton White notes in a shootout that killed his father is not his biological. In the Wild West, the young Pistolero sets off to find the truth about his origins in a whipped by dissensions country.

It is amazing that Neversoft (Tony Hawk) brings only a year after the successful release of Red Dead Revolver for the PS2 a similar type of third person shooter on the market. However, that has become so good that he inevitably falls into this list.

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Gun.Smoke (NES, PC)

Gun.SmokeCompared to its predecessors lack Gun.Smoke by Capcom on a sophisticated story. This is what this absolutely fast gameplay in the foreground. In NES classic you walk through various top-down scrolling levels and shoot with your Colts to all desperadoes who stand your path.

Well, today's demands is no longer enough, but who formerly would relive the iconic soundtrack and excellent feel of today, the remake of Gun.Smoke can now download free for PC.

Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive (PC)

desperados pcWith bounty hunter John Cooper (Bruce Willis) and a crew of five other Wild West Shooting Spanking makes ye in great designed levels on the hunt for the Desperado El Diablo. The merits of the individual characters in various situations are great to use if you is more tactical assault.

Following the success of real-time strategy hit Commandos Infogrames had licked foreign blood. to relocate the nearly identical gameplay to the Wild West, initially appeared as a great idea, however, turned out then but when miss out because it simply lacked elapsed after three years of innovations.

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Mad Dog McCree (CD-i, PC, Wii, 3DS, PS3)

mad dog McCreetoday published in 1991 Philips CD-i console knows no pig. Well but the published this Wild West Adventure Mad Dog McCree known that one of the first shooter with light gun support was. That the left translate well on modern consoles thumb, made it a remake worthy game for Cowboy fans.

In the first-person shooter you control the &Strangers: # 8220&# 8221 ;, which is to bring back the gekidnapte the eponymous Outlaw daughter of the mayor. Here, it shoots like the old days on the arcade machines to all villains who pop up on your monitor.

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