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As a persecuted Barbarian it's not easy to Conan Exiles. There would be a little bit of help but beneficial. We show you in this article all the cheat codes and commands that are known before in Conan Exiles.

Especially in multiplayer, it is important to use commands and cheats. Conan Exiles It's the same. There is a Command line, activate it and use can. but even single player take advantage of these cheats. Since the game is still under construction, more and more commands are inserted. but missing you basic cheats, can you Trainer use. All information on this issue and the current usable commands for Conan Exiles found in this article.

in the video &# 8211; this is how you in Conan Exiles:

30265Conan Exiles: Build in the World of Conan

Conan Exiles: Render unto her a cheat codes and commands

The great success of Conan Exiles naturally attracts some scammers who already have some Bots and hacks have programmed. Do not fall out, but also uses the official cheat codes that have incorporated the developers. While there is not still many console commands, but they are legal. To use cheats, you've got to verify as an admin of the server. Do you play in single player, you are of course the obvious administrator, so it is not necessary for you.

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On a multiplayer server but that's more difficult. For this reason, you've got to the initialization Serversettings.ini attention. Searches for the Steam folder and goes deeper and deeper from Conan Exiles. then opens the file with any text editor such as Notepad ++, atom or standard editor. Addiction = here after the line AdminPassword. then give a password, which ye well remember need. Found here no password, studied in the following path: ConanSandbox \ Saved \ Config \ Windows Server \ engine.ini. Under Server Name = and Server Password = you can enter the name and password of the server.

Give & quot; Fly & quot; and already you can fly.Give &# 8220; Fly&# 8221; and already you can fly.

In the next step you need now Start Conan Exiles and you as an admin to verify. Presses ESC and place yourselves to the menu. Goes in search of the server settings top right and looks for a button that says &# 8220; Make me an ADMIN&# 8220 ;. now therefore get the password from .ini file and you should &# 8220;Admin Rights Granted&# 8221; flicker across the screen. Congratulations, now you can use your cheats.

Cheats and commands for Conan Exile

So you give cheats and console commands: Simultaneously presses CTRL + Shift + C. Give here now ~ a. Now the console opens. Give here now EnableCheats one. Now you can enter the commands.

The following Cheats can you now enter into the console:

  • Fly: Give &# 8220; Fly&# 8221; and already you can fly over the map.
  • God mode: Will you never be damaged, so give &# 8220; God&# 8221; on.
  • Server Properties: Give &# 8220; ToggleDebugHUD&# 8221; To display server performance, the number of players on the server and your coordinates on the screen.
  • Show coordinates: Almost like the cheat ToggleDebugHUD also works simultaneously pressing Ctrl + Alt + Shift + L. Here you will see a small window that displays your site. For example, festgebuggte players can view their position. In addition, you can copy the location and send it to the developers, if you want to report a bug.
  • Teleport: With &# 8220; SummonPlayer&# 8221; can you teleport the Player to you. Give to the cheat and a space in the name of the player. This helps especially when he is stuck somewhere.
Enables you the Cheats for Conan Exiles, can let her spawn objects and creatures. In addition, you can level up with it.Enables you the Cheats for Conan Exiles, can let her spawn objects and creatures. In addition, you can level up with it.

Do you want one ban players from the server, have to click her on the list of players. In addition to the respective players you will find the word BAN and a box. If it chooses and already the player is banned.

Trainer for higher level, no hunger and specific attributes

already with the Admin Cheats you can adjust a lot. Will you instead download a coach, you can do that by clicking on the button below. A trainer is a program that Savegames modified. For this reason, your antivirus program may classify the coach to be harmful. In this case, you can disable the program &# 8211; but be careful and activated immediately after exiting Conan Exiles again.

There is a free coach MrAntiFun*

The trainer is provided to you by MrAntiFun that stands out from other games already for many coaches. He has his work free at &# 8211; but you can it a donation on its website dalassen.