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You can use this, if possible, on a single device over a WhatsApp account and want? Then you should the app Whatmore very much, because with this exactly is enabled. What you need for this and how exactly Whatmore for WhatsApp works, you experience the following article here.

If you owned several SIM cards are, e.g. because you own a tablet and a smartphone or a dual SIM smartphone, it's also quite possible that you possess more than one WhatsApp account. But what if you want to now use all your WhatsApp accounts on one device? Not possible? However, because that allows the app Whatmore, with the you can use up to 5 different WhatsApp accounts on one device.

As you also show how to set up a WhatsApp account on multiple devices.

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root provided

Here it is a basic prerequisite for Whatmore to use that it's a gerootetes Android device has. If your device so meeting those needs, you can start.

The infrastructure of WhatsApp does not allow official that is changed on one device between multiple accounts and numbers. This is where time but the open system structure of Android, with the you can in case of Roots engage much deeper into the system.

The app Whatmore is available in two different versions: The free, ad-supported version allows you to use up to two WhatsApp accounts on one device. If that's not enough, you can access the paid version to fall back (2.90 euros), with the then linking up to 5 WhatsApp accounts is possible.

To both Whatmore versions features include:

  • Automatic switching between the different WhatsApp accounts to update their content
  • Notifications can appear when switching between different WhatsApp accounts.
  • Notifications when unread message from other accounts exist
  • Each inactive WhatsApp account can be started within Whatmore
  • Auto Recovery is possible when the app is launched (for example, because the device was accidentally shut down the last accounts changes)

If your device is so rooted, you should then make sure that the apps Busybox and SuperSU or are super user on your device up to date. Oh, and of course, WhatsApp also has on your device be present, reports from the Play Store, according Whatmore even works with WhatsApp +.

Whatmore review

It is also important that you no ad blockers have installed on your Android device or which is added an exception for Whatmore, as this may cause the app to crash.

Whatmore: Installation

So now it can then go well. First of all, you've got to Whatmore course download. The tour then continues as follows:

  1. Assures you that WhatsApp is registered and you registered with your first phone number are
  2. Starts Whatmore and opens the "Managa Profiles" tab
  3. Click on the "Import" -Knop at the bottom of the page
  4. Give a profile name when you are prompted
  5. After the import was successful, the button has a new label should be on the bottom now "Prepare WhatsApp for a new registration".
  6. Click on the "Prepare" button
  7. Click "Continue" and wait until the process is complete
  8. Turns your phone now, and exchanges the SIM card with your second phone number
  9. Switches the power back on and starts WhatsApp
  10. If this number is not registered with WhatsApp, you make it now
  11. Assures you that even this number in WhatsApp works
  12. Starts Whatmore and opens the tab "Manage Profiles"
  13. Click the "Import" button
  14. Give a profile name
  15. Opens the Status tab, here you should now see two phone icons 

Little hint: After you have you downloaded (free) version of the app, you have to activate it. Who wants to spend money is the app as mentioned above can be used only with advertising, also have to click on one of the displayed banners during activation. Once you've done that, you will receive a four-digit code that is enabled with Whatmore for your device.


Whatmore: The two menus

In Whatmore generally are two different menus. Top left you'll find the status have right next to her the ability to manage your accounts. Here also the different WhatsApp numbers / accounts are then Enter.

The status then you have the overview of your different accounts and WhatsApp can manually switch between them in order to use this or synchronize their contents. Doth this too much work, an automatic shift can be set here. After that you get then more of the currently active number push notifications if a WhatsApp message arrives.

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