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The ESR version of Firefox installed the necessary security updates. Of constant updates and new features you will be spared. There Firefox ESR for download.

Firefox ESR

Every 6 weeks a new update for the normal version of Firefox appears. Especially companies want to have true security updates, but not make such frequent updates. but they would have to do it because Mozilla sets the support for the older version of the 6 weeks.

For this, the ESR version of Firefox is intended:

  • ESR stands for Extended Support Release (Long-term support version).
  • The ESR version appears only once a year, but with the latest security updates provided.
  • Mozilla is for the ESR version so one year of support, then they also need to be updated.
  • Otherwise, Firefox ESR works the same as the normal version of Firefox.
Here, the ESR version of Firefox is installed.Here, the ESR version of Firefox is installed.

The ESR version of Firefox is such a thing as the LTS version (Long Time Support) Linux or LTSB version of Windows 10, where you also get all the critical security updates for a longer period without having to constantly update to a new version ,

Tip: You can install the way, at the same time on the same PC, the normal and the ESR version of Firefox.

How do I know if I use the ESR or the normal version of Firefox?

  1. Open Firefox and press the Alt key.
  2. Click on the drop down menu located Help and then About Firefox.
  3. If you use an ESR version, which will be displayed in large lettering next to "Firefox".

What happens if the support for Firefox ESR end?

After a year of support and the next version of Firefox ESR then ends appear that gets renewed for a year important updates without having to attend the Firefox rally.

In this way, the burden on businesses, schools, universities and other network operators on a one-time update of the network per year reduced.

  • Long support for 1 year
  • for support upright no update forced,
  • Security updates will still be recorded
  • Only once a year new features


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