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Sony has announced that the online support of Gravity Rush 2 in January 2018 is to be finished - just one year after publication of the game. Thus various multiplayer features are not available in some months.

It was only in January this year appeared Gravity Rush 2 for the PlayStation 4, now certain features of the game will also be gone again in the foreseeable future. As Sony has announced on the Japanese PlayStation site, according Gematsu, the online services of Gravity Rush 2 are on January 19, 2018 officially shut down - exactly and just one year after the release of the game. The main game is so naturally still be playable, but you need to say goodbye well of the following functions:

The trailer for Gravity Rush 2

1014Gravity Rush 2 - Trailer - E3

here goes&# 039; s for GIGA GAMES Test of Gravity Rush 2

  • The sending and receiving challenges
  • Rankings
  • Sending and receiving of Treasury notes
  • The sending and receiving "Photo Ghosts"
  • The acquisition of "Dusty tokens" and rewards

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The drop rate of "Dusty token" would increase as a thank you to all the players in the course of special events to the shutdown in January Sony. Why does the online support is already shut down a year after release, is unclear. Apparently, but this should not prevent players from gaining the platinum trophy in Gravity Rush. 2