Galaxy S6, S6 and S6 edge edge +: Android 7.0 nougat comes next week

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Has the nerve-wracking wait is coming to an end? According to a senior Samsung manager should the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, edge + and Galaxy Note 5 from next week will receive Galaxy S6 their update to Android 7.0 nougat. 

Galaxy S6, S6 and S6 edge edge +: Android 7.0 nougat comes next week

Unusually long, manufacturers have used this time to provide an update to Android 7.0 for their current device. End of August 2016 was "nougat" Google released for download, but only in recent weeks much of the last year's smartphone flagships has made the leap to the new version of Android.

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not comfortable but - to smartphones, but still are in the queue, is one of Samsung's top team from the year 2015. Both the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy S6 edge + run all still on Android 6.x Marshmallow more long.

According Tansu Yegen, in his Vice President of Samsung's Turkish branch, the three devices receive in February its long-awaited Android 7.0 update. make a start in the third week of February, the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge + and (officially not available in Europe) Galaxy Note 5, followed by the regular Galaxy S6 edge at the end of the month.

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Software updates will be rolled out at the same time

Although the data are valid so far only for the Turkish market. However, past experience has shown that Samsung software update rolls out more or less simultaneously in major sales regions. Like Turkey, including Germany, Austria and Switzerland for the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa), which is why local users of the Galaxy S6 trio flock already with their hooves and can look forward to 7.0 nougat on Android.

Source: Twitter, via SamMobile