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If on eBay Classifieds your user account is restricted, the Web has done for security reasons or because you have not kept you on the guidelines. How do you solve the lock, we show here.

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eBay Classifieds: My Account is limited

The service eBay Classifieds restricts your user account wine if:

  • your user account has been improperly used by someone else.
  • have used their under your account different e-mail addresses for insertion.
  • you have not supplied an article or not paid.
  • have sent you spam, chain letters or insults.
  • have repeatedly violated her against the terms, for example, because you have offered a particular item for sale.
  • have requested their deletion of your eBay Classifieds account and the account has been limited to deletion.

5 Tips for professional Classifieds

eBay Classifieds: Unlock

So that your account works full again, have to record their contact to the eBay Classifieds customer service:

  1. If a stranger your eBay Classifieds account hacked should, check if your your computer for viruses, and the settings of your e-mail provider. For safety's sake you can also change your email password.
  2. Opens this form *.
  3. at Subject chooses her General Inquiries out.
  4. Tells the support that your account is restricted and asks again pick the lock.

Unless you are aware of wrong behavior, you should keep you in the future the terms of use of eBay Classifieds.

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