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The editions Pokémon Black and white are the long-awaited sequels of Diamond and Pearl editions of Pokémon games. With the black and parallel to it appearing white edition there was in the spring of 2011 for the first versions of the game for the Nintendo DS, whose plot is loosely based on the eponymous Japanese anime series and in control and gameplay and destination is similar to previous versions.

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The plot of Pokémon Black and White is based remotely on the anime series. It is important to explore a new world called Unova in this edition. You choose two characters and roams the places and areas, always looking for new Pokémon to add to your collection. It should also be trained in fighting, because only the best will win at the end of the championship and is champion of the Pokémon League. Especially for this new edition 156 new Pokémon were created.

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Pokémon Black & White: New Challenges

Seasonal changes complicate the search for the coveted and rare Pokémon considerably. True your hunting down to the right timing to catch them all! The higher goal of the game is to fill the Pokedex with all Pokémon games world in the black and white version. In the arenas you have to prove the meantime, as you have well trained you your Pokémon, because it is about winning the league and the title of Pokémon Champion.

pokemon-black-and-white-artwork-sells 1 million-in-america-on-day-oneThe Pokémon of the two colorless editions belong to the fifth generation. Thus, the cover of both versions show the Pokémon Zekrom (White Edition) and Reshiram (Black Edition). Black and white were the first editions of Pokémon who had no extra edition, which made it possible to catch all the Pokemon 5th generation. So all pocket monster of a game had to be caught and the remaining Editions-exclusive Monster be replaced.

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