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In this guide, you can read what you have to know her to transfer a Flixbus tickets. One change in the purest sense of the word is not possible at Flixbus, it boils down to is that you canceled the ticket and a credit to book a new trip will receive. 

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The transfer of a Flixbus tickets is not very complicated, because the process easy, it seeks, that you present your original reservation is canceled, will receive a voucher for it and Flixbus can book a new ticket with it.

Procedure for transfer of a Flixbus tickets

  • Rebook you can at one of the ticket sales counters, the travel agent, online at the Flixbus site *rebook Flixbus: Sun changes its your ticket and using the Flixbus app.
  • You can until the last moment this reclassification perform free of charge, they must be made no later than 15 minutes before the start of the journey.
  • In the first step it must cancel your ticket, then you will receive a voucher of travel expenses.

three pieces of luggage each passenger in Flixbus can have

  • With this coupon you can then book a new trip. For that you get a new booking number. The voucher can you use when paying. If the new drive is cheaper, you'll get back a voucher to the residual value. Should they be more expensive, you have to pay to the difference.
  • If you never want to go back Flixbus, you can also get instead of Flixbus voucher cash, but then fall 15 € charges.

It is also possible that you will only change the passenger information of your tickets, so the ticket umbucht to another person. However, it may happen that you have to pay more then, if the ticket in the meantime has become more expensive. Therefore, it is probably more advisable if you only canceled in these cases and then re-booked.

Rebook at Flixbus cancel means and new book*rebook Flixbus: Sun changes its your ticket

Here `s for booking at Flixbus*

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