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The "Always on Display" is a convenient feature of the Samsung mobile phones. We explain you how they enabled and changed. We also introduce you to the best apps that bring this feature to other mobile phones.

To save power, the screen of our mobile phone is switched off most of the time. With the Always on display Has Samsung but introduced a useful and yet power-saving feature that displays important information permanently without suck the battery empty. Read here how you activate this function and the possible settings. In addition, we want to give you a Always on Display app recommend can also use the handsets from other manufacturers with their feature.

Always on is not the only brilliant display Feature: In the future, you expect even curved phone screen, as this video shows:

1125Samsung shows curved display

Always on Enable display and adjust

When Samsung phone you can find the Feature Always on display under the display settings. Open to the settings, taps display and scroll down in the next screen to Always on display.


Always on display layoutadjust the layout of the Always on display

When not activated, the switch next to this option is gray. Only after the activation you can also adjust other parameters of the display. In its default setting shows that Always-on display the date and the time of day. But you have plenty of setting options, what the items displayed, the To dye and display time concerns.

Only after the activation of the switch you can tap the settings. Then much you would a first picture of how the display looks now. Under the picture you will find the two options layouts as always show. The layouts present you different ways, such as digital or analog clock, calendar or the display of a picture of the display. In addition, you can specify here whether you want to see notifications in the Always on display.

If you do not want that the cell phone at night also displays the time and instead prefer prefers a black screen, tap on the switch Next always show. The permanent display is disabled by and instead you have the possibility of a Time that to be determined. Sets here, from when to when to be active the Always on display.

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Always on display as an app

With Always On AMOLED Tomer Rosenfeld has presented a very good and clean programmed app to bring the Always on display on any other Android phone - if it has a AMOLED display. As open source app is free and ad-free. However, she has some pro features that can be unlocked by a single payment of 89 cents. These include expand features in the design of the displayed PM.

Always on Display OLEDAlways on display as an app for any mobile phone

Once installed, the app requires different permissions, it works basically like Samsung's always-on display function - with even more features. Things like screen brightness can be adjusted as well, such as various gestures and actions. By the function of camera shortcuts, the app can even be used as an alternative to Samsung phones. Also "Ok Google" is taken into account on request.

Always On AMOLED - BETAdownloadQR codeAlways On AMOLED - BETADeveloper: Tomer RosenfeldPrice: Free

Who gets by with the two base clocks (analog and digital), who will have his joy in this app. It offers a lot of fine tuning, which can significantly improve the battery life in the long run. So an automatic night mode ensures that the display is dimmed as soon as it gets dark. You can screen a tap, drag, or wake up the mere picked up the phone, and the sensitivity can be adjusted well.

Always on display without AMOLED

If you have no mobile phone with AMOLED display, but still do not want to give up the Always on display, then you need another app. The app works for any type Android phone glance Plus. It is available for free in their basic functions, however, shows the settings menu advertising and offers some special functions as in-app purchases.

glance PlusdownloadQR codeglance PlusDeveloper: THSoftwarePrice: Free always-on-display-gloss-plusGlance Plus offers an always-on display with many functions

The functions and settings of this app also exceed the options Always on displays from Samsung. You can leave you notifications and dates indicate adjust the design varied. For features such as adaptive brightness unfortunately you have to pay. But the basic possibilities of this app should be sufficient for the envisaged purpose.

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