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Check Drive Download checks your hard drive or SSD for errors and eliminates these, you displays information about the state of the drives and monitors their relevant values ​​in the background.

In this work the CheckDrive Download safe and quick in checking your hard disk for errors and correct them. When displaying the drive status you meaningful values ​​are displayed and the real-time monitoring in the background warns you in good time and immediately when an error has occurred. the FolderVisualizer, a tool with which you can you can view detailed information about the space used on your storage drive is still offered by the download CheckDrive.

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On the subject:

  • SSD endurance: How long does a SSD?
  • enable SSD TRIM: How important is it and you need it?

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CheckDrive Download: Supported drives and detailed features,

In addition to traditional hard drives CheckDrive SSDs support and USB drives. Also hard drives with a capacity of over 1 TB provide for the program is not a problem. The drive status contains important information such as the S.M.A.R.T. data and manufacturer's instructions. Based on this data CheckDrive makes a statement about the health of your hard disk. In the current version of the Disk Tools automatic checking is included that allows you to automatically check your drive regularly and in freely selectable intervals. With the integrated scheduler you can specify the task to be performed and the desired interval.

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