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Like so many other games this past fall was Watchdogs 2 is not just a huge success. However, for the time being only for the PlayStation 4 - so that there are more buyers, Ubisoft has released a free demo version.

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For some time may again be hacked, because watchdogs went with a new venue and a new protagonist in the second round. Like so many other AAA games of the Christmas season also, the hacker game in terms of sales but just could not stain with glory. And as so often there is only one way to arouse the interest of the players and to convince them of the qualities that watchdog has the second Exactly Ubisoft wants to do now, by offering the title easily for free.

This does not happen in the context of a free weekend. As the French-Canadian publisher announced in a press release, can you download a demo of Watch Dogs 2 from PlayStation Store PlayStation 4 now. Thus you have the opportunity to spend three hours in San Francisco and to provide with numerous weapons, gadgets, and a hacker phone for chaos. The Watchdogs 2 demo contains thereby the entire city and the opportunity to choose between clandestine infiltrations of closed areas and action-packed chaos with friends. Furthermore, the seamless multiplayer and three online modes, story missions and side activities are available. Everything that you reach as part of the demo is also included in the full version for no extra download required.

The Watchdogs 2 demo for the PlayStation 4 is now available. On January 24, also a version for the Xbox One follows. If and when even the PC is supplied, however, is still unclear. Also on 24 January, the T-bone content bundle, the first add-on to Watch Dogs 2 for Xbox One and PC appears.

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Source: Ubisoft