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Make way, the bailiff is back in the game and there is an official set of hot ears! Anyone who thinks in such balderdash equal to the beatings duo Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, who is here right, because today we honor the best five films with the steam hammer and his friend through thick and thin. All newcomers to the polycyclic Bromance universe rustic style are welcome to understand our Top 5 as a guide to enter the world of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. Have fun! 

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A few bad guys give the poor Bud none of its delicious beans from pan and get it maintained one in the gherkin timbered. In between flirting Blauauge Terence still with some Mullemäusen and annoys his good-natured brother / buddy until he reluctantly grumbling agreed to rush any poor people in need of help and to bring all the baddies on the screen with his steam hammer to the track.

In this scheme, all films run with the powerful duo Bud Spencer and Terence Hill from and who knows someone who knows them all? Not quite. Although the films with the two bullies often operate on similar patterns, yet they feel both in Western and in action comedies at home and even a touch of thriller has ever flown by Bud's face sweater.

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Therefore, we present to you today five essential movies with Terence Hill and Bud Spencer out of all their creative periods, to all the fans and those who want to be to get an overview of the opulent oeuvre. It starts with a famous solo film Mario Girotti aka Terence Hill.

My Name is Nobody (1973, directed by Tonino Valerii)

The steel blue eyes may mark the beginning and makes it easy for us. Although Terence Hill was able to talk in more serious films again and again alongside his famous appearances on the side of Bud Spencer and about with Gene Hackman and Catherine Deneuve starred in the war drama &# 8220; March or Die&# 8221; played, the figure of Nobody remains the most famous of his solo performances to date. None other than the legendary creator of the spaghetti westerns himself, unmatched Sergio Leone, had the idea for this mixture of comedy and Western flapsiger elegiac farewell to the genre.

Best Western of all time

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Ennio Morricone to once again famosem Soundtrack asks the young gunslinger Nobody his idol Jack Bouregard (Hollywood legend Henry Fonda) For the last duel. the master could go down in history on the turret only by a worthy finish. Thus, the outlook of the research Nobody who can not accept that his idol would say goodbye to retirement to Europe.

In the history of film went &# 8220; My Name is Nobody&# 8221;  then it self. Because probably no second Italowestern it is so well done, the beginnings of the genre with films like &# 8220; A Fistful of Dollars&# 8221; and the subsequent parodies so elegant and harmonious to weave together like this work of Tonino Valerii, which the Meister Leone, leaving most of the scenes as director. Two years later turned Western &# 8220; Nobody is the greatest&# 8221; Although also not a bad film, but not really a sequel, but was easily converted into Germany for marketing reasons to do so.

2638My name is Nobody - Trailer German

They called him flatfoot (1973, directed by Steno)

While Terence Hill could make a nobody a name in the elegiac Western comedy, it attracted Bud Spencer in his Neapolitan home. Five times he played from 1973 to 1979 the so gruff as populist Commissioner Manuele Rizzo, who always made only with his fists armed with small-time dealers and true-Mafiosi the Camorra in order. It took the heavyweight with the law itself is not always as accurate and also expressed by a blind eye if they were trifles.

Eat like Bud Spencer: beans, burgers and Co.

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Although later him &Plattfuß; # 8220&# 8221; led films to Hong Kong and Africa and the good Bud to replace Pappa cutest toddlers mutated remains of the first performance as commissioner Rizzo the best. &# 8220;They called him flatfoot&# 8220;, alternative &# 8220; Buddy catches only big fish&# 8221 ;, offers besides the usual fun fights some more thoughtful moments and crime elements by director Steno skillfully woven into a story about drug trafficking on a large scale. The police there also seems to be a mole and calculated Bud Spencer is accused by his boss, to make common cause with the local mafia. This is not entirely wrong, but carried the Alliance for entirely different motives, because it is known to catch the big fish. Once done with the usual Bud grumpy permeability, waivers in his mouth and a blue suit instead of the usual greasy Western ponchos.

&# 8220; They called him flatfoot&# 8221; is the successful transformation of the Western hero in modern times with schmissigem 1970s soundtrack and brawls that fail a bit harder than in harmless pranks like family &# 8220; Banana Joe&# 8221; or &# 8220; They called him Mücke&# 8221 ;.

124They called him flatfoot - Trailer German

I'm for the Hippopotamus (1979, directed by Italo Zingarelli)

The common films of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill can be roughly divided into three categories, with the leitmotif of suitable family brawl in the name of justice as well as the legendary snot-synchronization of the Berliner Rainer Brandt consistently represent the red thread. Started as a Western hero in the late 1960s, they were later transported in the here and now of Italy or Miami or received as a third variant exotic locations donated. In this category fall like movies &# 8220; Two Missionaries&# 8221 ;, &# 8220; A Friend Is a Treasure&# 8221; or just &# 8220; I'm for the Hippopotamus&# 8221;.

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In this enriched with numerous successful nature and animal photography Africa fun, the two cast iron lovers proceed against an unscrupulous animal dealers and their wonderfully dopey henchmen, whom they often and gleefully popping a front of the bib. These omelettes are eaten from oversized eggs not that taste good, free animals out of cages and pointed poachers the asparagus until you hold it for a peach. Bud and Terence in top form so!

239I'm for the Hippopotamus - Trailer German

Double Trouble Rio (1984, directed by E. B. Clucher)

&# 8220; Double Trouble Rio&# 8221; 1984 brought us not only our two heroes in a double issue, but formed at the same time, a last hurray after nearly twenty years in which success is lined up to the next. Under the supervision of master director Enzo Barboni disassembled Terence Hill and Bud Spencer, a dockside bar because they considered the shed as a better alternative to a harp concert, called her butler to strive to put an apple in his ear and hissed the fine rubber from orderly.

The GIGA classic film with Terence Hill and Bud Spencer

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By a lookalike agency, the two shirtsleeves Draufgäger were chosen to represent their schnöseligen counterparts for a week in the world of the rich and famous of Brazil, as the fine gentlemen feared an attempt on her life. But the group hoodlums behind the compote, um, were Pardon, conspiracy, are the warhorses of course only extras in a well-kept brawl and so was 1984 again themselves to an ample.

Two years after the equally amusing spy movie spoof &# 8220; Two husky types&# 8221; rang &# 8220; Double Trouble Rio&# 8221; the end of an era one, because it only followed the flat ones Crime &# 8220; The Miami Cops&# 8221; and the little edifying mini-comeback &# 8220; The Troublemaker&# 8221; from 1994.

75Double Trouble Rio - Trailer German

Trinity Is Still My Name (1972, directed by E.B. Clucher)

1967 launched the actor Mario Girotti and Olympic swimmer Carlo Pedersoli their common screen career in Giuseppe Colizzis classic spaghetti westerns serious &# 8220;God never forgives ... Django!&# 8221; Only in the following years, they laid their peace rakes into vegetables and discovered the mischief in her neck.

Ultimately, it was the director Enzo Barboni, who made under the pseudonym E.B.Clucher of Terence Hill and Bud Spencer in 1970 what we today know and love. The comedic breakthrough answers to the name &# 8220; The right and left hand of the devil&# 8221; and has worked with &# 8220; Trinity Is Still My Name&# 8221;  a sequel that can be seen not only, but the ultimate Terence Hill and Bud Spencer film releases. The film has to serve not only as an example of phase of Western parody, but also gets the crown of the best strip of the duo verliehent

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The story is as simple as it is effective and offers enough space for brawls, bad behavior at fine restaurants and sayings of the brand &# 8220; If he has asthma or pulls the off air?&# 8220 ;, which Terence Hill a poor gasping men raises to the head that has just sunk by Bud Spencer steam hammer. Otherwise, the two horse thieves are time taken for secret agents from Washington, hoping for a hoard of money and even a group help in passing monks to keep their place of worship.

More than 10 million viewers (Source: Inside cinema) this fun in the cinemas in Germany alone came out and made the film not only an absolute blockbuster, but also to launch 15-year dominance at the box office and continued until today cult status of the duo.

126Trinity Is Still My Name - Trailer German

So they were, the big five films with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. Finally, a tip: If you want to see the good Bud once in a serious role in a tough and bloody western that looks best &# 8220; Today I&# 8230; tomorrow you&# 8221;, for which the cult director Dario Argento wrote the screenplay.

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