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The British series Downton Abbey tells the story of a noble family and their staff in the early 20th century. Meanwhile, there are 43 episodes in five seasons. Season 1 to 3 have since been shown on free TV with ZDF and ZDFneo, Season 4 has at least managed to free TV. But when starts Downton Abbey Staffel 5 in Germany? And when will the drama series with the release of Season 6?

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The fourth season of Downton Abbey in the stream be found currently at Sky online, all episodes of the first three seasons there from Amazon Instant Video. Dier first 30 days is access here for free *, so you can watch Downton Abbey in the stream free.

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Downton Abbey: When does Season 5 in Germany?

The fifth season of Downton Abbey is composed of a total of ten new episodes.

  • Start date in Germany of Downton Abbey Season 5 is April 1.
  • From that day on Sky Atlantic is the latest episodes on Wednesdays from 21 am.
  • In addition to the TV broadcast, there will be the new episodes of Downton Abbey on Sky Go, Sky Online and Sky Anytime on the stream.
  • All previous episodes of the fourth season of Downton Abbey shows Sky Atlantic on Saturday 28 March and 29 March.
  • On free TV ZDF 2012, the first season, in 2012 aired the first two and in 2014 the third season in November / December.
  • Retains the public broadcaster his rhythm in there this year before Season 4 of Dowtnton Abbey.
  • Season 5 of Downton Abbey could be shown only in 2016 on free TV.
  • Sky Atlantic can be received with a pay TV package Sky.

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 Downton Abbey: When does Season 5 in Germany - and Season 6?

Downton Abbey: When will Season 6?

Downton Abbey - Season 6 is produced since the beginning, 2015. Changes in the cast as well as developments in the history of Season 6 are not yet known. According to rumors, the sixth season will be the last season of Dowton Abbey simultaneously. In Pay TV, the seasons were broadcast in Germany at mid, so you should expect even in Season 6 with a broadcast from April to August.

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