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You can write music symbol on your keyboard and enter various note values ​​in Windows and on the Mac without copying you only the symbols of other sites. We show you in this guide how this works.

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With the appropriate key combination you can enter on a standard keyboard eighth notes and eighth notes twice. You need to a keyboard that has the right over a number pad *Write music character on the keyboard - Here's how. The keyboard shortcut works on both Windows and the Mac.

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Music Signs: Enter notes on the keyboard

To enter the notes with the keyboard, making her the following:

  1. Presses the left and hold down. You can find them on the left of the spacebar.
  2. Presses then on the numeric keypad right of the keyboard in sequence numbers 1 and 3 for the eighth note ♪.
  3. For the double quaver ♫ you typed in succession on the numbers 1 and 4. FIG.

Note that the keypad be active in order to enter the music character must work. This might require you first need to to press.

Music sign Product ImageTo enter all musical characters, you need a special pleading with special characters. Source: aarrows

Clef, cross and Co. &# 8211; Even more special characters

If you need even more musical symbols such as the clef, crosses, Bes, bar lines or other note values, these characters unfortunately is not so easy with a shortcut key. but with the appropriate font you can enter these symbols in the table for special characters. Shipyard to have a look at this article where we explain to you the process: Practical tip Word - Write clef and notes.

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