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Who uses his Windows 7 computer with a mouse or a keyboard Microsoft now has the opportunity to fully exploit the capabilities of these devices with the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center or reconfigure.

The Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center bring your mouse and keyboard, these are also from Microsoft, only really busy. This system program, you can set these devices just as you see fit. After all, who says it that the right mouse button as always to perform only the function of the right mouse button?

adapt the hardware from Microsoft to your needs

For this reason, now offers the Center the ability to customize the behavior of the mouse buttons, the mouse wheel and the mouse wheel as a click button to your needs. You can show all these operators either with the predefined commands that are already quite extensive. Or even go one step further and define the application-specific properties. Here you can specify that a particular, installed on the computer program is executed by pressing the wheel or a specific key.

occupy any functions

Many users might be frightened at the thought of the fact that the mouse no longer works as the producer has delivered it and set up but could be immensely handy for the occasional user with a reassignment of functions. It is best to try it out times. For keyboards from Microsoft, the freeware also holds ready some major changes. Please note that this download is designed exclusively for 32 bit systems.

Conclusion of the free Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center Downloads: reassign the functions of keyboard buttons and mouse buttons &# 8211; why not try just once? Perhaps you realize only afterwards yes, what has been missing one previously in dealing with the Microsoft hardware.


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