Galaxy S9: Corrects Samsung the biggest mistake of his predecessor?

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Front hui, rear Pooh: One of the few criticisms of the Galaxy S8, the rear part with the inglorious position of the fingerprint sensor. Whether it makes the sequel better? The Galaxy S9 there is to be at the back "big changes". 

Galaxy S9: Corrects Samsung the biggest mistake of his predecessor?

Samsung Galaxy S9: The back will change

This week, the iPhone X goes on sale. For a long time Apple's Jubilee iPhone but can not rest on the smartphone throne, because Samsung is already working diligently on Galaxy S9 - and could address with its flagship 2018er one of the biggest criticisms of the predecessor.

Information from China, according to Samsung namely planning at the back of the Galaxy S9 "big changes". The reports of Chinese Twitterer @Universelce, which according to SamMobile already could come up in the past with correct information to previously unreleased smartphones.

How exactly this "big changes" will look in detail, but is currently still a mystery. That Samsung but makes a repositioning of the fingerprint sensor is likely to be virtually certain. With the position of the sensor, which was both housed right next to the camera while Galaxy S8 as well as the Galaxy Note 8, the South Korean manufacturer has done no favors for the current year.

Especially the Galaxy S8 Plus and the Galaxy Note 8 of the sensor is difficult to reach with one hand, as we noted in our hands-on video of the Grade 8:

97148Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in the Hands-On - First impression: KNALLER!

How could affect a repositioning of the fingerprint sensor, you can see on the pictures below:

Start Photogallery(6 images)Samsung Galaxy S9: As nice as could look like the flagship smartphone

Even rumors that Samsung shipped back with the Galaxy S9 the fingerprint sensor to the front and this makes use of a recess on the display are circulating. Given the scarce development time of the device, we are in this way but still skeptical - especially since has yet to show how users and developers respond in practice to the so-called "notch" of the iPhone X.

Galaxy S9 with dual camera?

In addition to a repositioning of the fingerprint sensor and the integration of a dual-camera in Galaxy S9 is likely. Cameras with double lenses are among the largest smartphone trends of recent years and most recently Samsung has installed a dual-camera in the Galaxy Note. 8 That Samsung omit such a popular feature in its main smartphone line, is almost impossible.

What changes to the back of the Galaxy S9 you desire? 

Source: Twitter, via SamMobile