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The racing game Test Drive Unlimited 2 combines the familiar elements of a modern Racers with a freely navigable, persistent online world as well as numerous community features. It appears on 11 February 2011 for the Xbox 360, PC and Playstation third

The first part of "Unlimited" series of Atari had many good ideas and even more teething. From the developers Eden Games as the first &# 8220; MMORG&# 8221; (Massively Multiplayer Online Racing Game) called, it was able to attract with a great online mode, but then failed in terms of driving and damage physics, and also still annoyed with constant server problems. Test Drive Unlimited 2 (also TDU2 called) will iron out the mistakes of its predecessor and even set a transition in terms of scope and MMO features.

In comparison with Test Drive Unlimited the second part is increased by two and half times. The developers buy the program in addition to the existing Island of Hawaii, and there is the party island of Ibiza, making the freely passable, open playing field increases accordingly. Also new is the damage model. Its absence bothered badly the driving experience in the predecessor. Races and collisions seemed not lifelike and anemic. Of course, the fleet was Test Drive Unlimited 2 expanded. Here we must be pleased with the new off-roader, which should, in cooperation with the day-night cycle and dynamic weather effects for more variety.

Finally, the focus is at Eden Games to the central selling point of the track: as MMORG it now offers Co-op and more opportunities to brag about personal accomplishments in front of friends. Also, the game now has even more customization options with which you can give a personal touch to his previously prepared character and the acquired vehicles.

It can be assumed that the open beta for Test Drive Unlimited 2 will start very soon. The link below leads you directly to registration.

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