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With the PSD Viewer we can finally open PSD files without Photoshop.

Who gets a PSD file that was created in Adobe Photoshop, which gets ideally a graphic file with all levels, effects and fonts that he can even still customize and edit. But this case will be a problem if the recipient of the Photoshop file does not own. Because then he has only a useless file that is compatible with nothing and he can not even look.

psd viewer

Fortunately, there are tools such as free PSD viewer. This viewer for Photoshop images can make us see the files, at least, so we get an idea of ​​how the graphic looks at all. And the PSD Viewer download has another benefit: The loaded graphics can in fact in JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG and TIFF convert and store. Thus, while we can on the levels and effects not access, but at least integrating the image itself into any application.

For this purpose, the tool also lets us scale and rotate so that the target image has the desired orientation and dimensions the PSD file. So overall a practical complete package to view PSD graphics and convert. And even if you own Photoshop, it can provide good services. Because it loads much faster than the Adobe mothership and gives us the opportunity for a quick look.

fromMarco Kratzenberg

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